Tow Law Show & Sale of Mule Gimmer Lambs

Hexham and Northern Marts held their Annual Sale of the Traditional “Tow Law” Gimmer lambs on behalf of the Weardale branch of NEMSA with a catalogue of 5110.

The sale was once again kindly sponsored by Baldwins Accountants and Peter Monkhouse Haulage.

This year judging the pens of 10 was Mr Stephen Kirby, Barston Hall Farm, Northallerton, who had thirteen pens in front of him. After tough examination of all pens, Mr Kirby awarded the G W Robinson, Rosebowl and NEMSA rosette for an impressive fourth year running to an outstanding pen of from John, Steven and Andrew Reed, Lands Farm which went on to sell for a new record of £450 to an undisclosed buyer from the South of England.

The Reed Fsamily also went on to win the William Reed Perpetual Trophy for the Best run of 100 lambs.

Standing Reserve was a powerful pen from Rede Valley producers W S Scott Ltd, Low Leam which went on to sell to £222.00 selling to the judge. The Low Leam team went on to sell a fantastic run of 390 lambs to an average of £146.35

On the whole a better show of lambs forward this year. Producers were rewarded with a strong trade throughout especially the running lambs being in high demand.

The sale average is up a buoyant £23.28 on last year’s trade.

All vendors must be complimented for the way they turned lambs out and thanks to all who supported the chosen charity and donated lambs with proceeds going to the “My name’5 Doddie Foundation”

Prize Show

Pens of 10

1st Prize-WM Reed & Sons, Lands

2nd Prize-WJ Scott Ltd, Low Leam

3rd Prize-R & MJ Lee, Harwoodshield

4th Prize-K & HA Ridley, Allenshields

Runs of 100

1st Prize-WM Reed & Sons, Lands

2nd Prize-WJ Scott Ltd, Low Leam

3rd Prize- I Potts, Redburn

Low Leam390£146.35
West Biggens251£136.08
Harwood Shield229£135.54
Stewartshield Meadows135£133.53
Agars Hill122£128.41
East Greenridge131£128.30
Wolsingham Park223£128.12
West Newlandside (Ex Allergill)395£124.13
Ambling Gate298£122.40
Beacon Rigg380£111.63
East Plenmeller200£97.80

Leading prices;

£450 Lands, £230 Redburn, £222 Low Leam, £210 Woodbine, £195 Allenshields, £175 Harwood, £170 Redburn, £168 Ambling, £165 Stewartshield & West Biggens, £160 Stewartshield, Low Leam & Woodhall, £158 Intake Farm, £156 Low Leam (x2) & Harwood, £155 & £154 Low Leam, £152 West Biggens, £150 Low Leam (x2), Rosehill, Woodhall & Wolsingham Park Farms, £148 Lands Farm (x2), Harwood Shield, Agars Hill & Allenshields, £147 Rosehill, £145 Low Leam, Spittalshield & Redburn (x2), £144 Allenshields, £142 Harwood Shield, Redburn, Intake, West Biggens,  & West Greenridge, £140 Ambling Gate, Low Leam, Agars Hill, Redburn (x4), £139 Woodhall, £135 Lands Farm, Brownchesters, Low Leam, East Greenridge, Redburn, Intake, Allenshields, Beacon Rigg, Ouston, West Newlandside, West Biggens (x2) & West Greenridge, £137 Woodhall, £136 Low Leam, East Greenridge, Wolsingham Park(x2), Redburn (x3), Intake, Allenshields (x2), West Biggens (x2) & West Greenridge, £135 Ambling Gate (x2), Lands Farm,  Stewartshield Meadows (x2), Low Leam, Woodhall & West Biggens