Show & Sale of Store Cattle. Sale of Breeding Cattle, Cast Sheep & Store Hoggs.

Store Cattle

Hexham & Northern Marts held their New Year prize show and sale of store cattle and suckled calves and offered a sound catalogued entry of 487 drawn from across Northumberland, County Durham, Cumbria, Yorkshire & the Scottish Borders. 

The prize show was kindly sponsored by Stoneacre Motor Group and the company are extremely grateful for their continued support towards our coveted show sale calendar.  Presiding as judge for the first time was Mr Lee Swann of Little Ouseburn, Yorkshire and a small but select entry of exhibits were presented across the scheduled classes.

The Overall Champion rosette was awarded to a superb black Limousin cross bullock at just 11 months from Andrew Thompson, East Unthank, Haltwhistle, which had stood out in the earlier steer classes. Standing as reserve was a hefty red Limousin steer at 21 months of age from Messrs Clark, Paxton Dene, Longhorsley and both animals went on to figure highly in the sale selling at midday for £1420 and £1620 respectively.  The champion was much fancied and after spirited bidding was purchased by the judge who backed his decision and will no doubt take great delight in finishing the tremendous example over the coming months.

PRIZE LIST (Limousin cross unless stated otherwise)

Overall Champion – Messrs Thompson, East Unthank.

Reserve Champion – Messrs Clark, Paxton Dene.

STEER 18 Months & Over;

1st Paxton Dene, 2nd Halton Red House, 3rd Paxton Dene.

HEIFER 18 Months & Over;

1st Halton Red House, 2nd Paxton Dene, 3rd Berwick Hill.

STEER Under 18 Months;

1st East Unthank, 2nd East Unthank, 3rd Raggetsyke (Charx).

HEIFER Under 18 Months;

1st Raggesyke (Charx).

The company would like to thank all exhibitors, our sponsors and judge without whom such an event simply could not take place.

As always the sale of cattle began with older, forward stores and a mixed entry which included over 150 head of native breed types sold well from the start and as the day progressed and the sale moved into younger, longer keep sorts trade went from strength to strength with all classes seeing great demand from a ringside of over fifty buyers.

The older entry peaked at £1640 for a tremendous Limousin cross steer at 18 months from the aforementioned Messrs Clark who sold four outstanding steers and one heifer to average a mighty £1588 throughout.  This one was followed by another huge red Limousin bullock at the same age which equalled the reserve champion price tag at £1620 for Messrs Trobe, Ogle Dene House and a fourth; a Charolais cross at 17 months from noted local producer Lewis Forster, West Nubbuck sold at £1600 to complete the quartet in this bracket.

The highest grossing heifer on the day and the next in the rankings was yet another cracking example of Blonde d’Aquitaine breeding from Philip Walker & Family, Houselope Grange, Tow Law.  This one was followed at £1560 by the first prize heifer in the older age class from Willie Patterson, Halton Red House and only the second beast through the ring on the day which rattled home at £1560 to cap a great morning for the renowned producer that straddles the Roman Wall at Corbridge. 

The native breeds also made their presence felt on the day and saw equal demand to their continental counterparts peaking at £1590 for a big black Angus bullock from John Baty, Catreen, Birtley who averaged £1440 for four sold including the dearest Angus heifer at £1450.

With Hexham often hailed as purely a suckler bred centre of renown, one of the highlights of the older classes and a consignment that prompted great interest on this day were the British Blue cross heifers sourced from the dairy herd and consigned by Messrs Woodmass, Howard House, Gilsland, Cumbria.  At 19-20 months of age these sought after cattle peaked at £1380 for the lead pair and averaged a very pleasing £1260 for ten sold proving buyers-a-plenty frequent the ringside at Hexham for dairy bred sorts.    

The younger age classes saw no let-up in the pace of the trade and all vendors left the ring contented at worst but more often delighted at best and besides the bell ringer from West Nubbuck the top spots in the 11-17 month age bracket were in hot contention. Messrs Nixon, Stotsfold cashed their fantastic lead heifers at £1495 and £1470 and were closely followed by Messrs Sinton, White House; exponents of the Charolais breed and Agnes & James were pleased with £1470 for their best steer and £1460 for the best of their female offering.

As the New Year progresses the best of the 2021 spring born calves will now undoubtedly begin to appear and for those who chose to retain and house such beast the rewards are evident through the Hexham ring. A small but quality entry of calves were presented from the Tyne, Coquet & Wear Valleys and trade was in places fearsome for these longer keep cattle averaging a colossal £1050 for calves at ten months of age and younger.  Outwith his champion Andrew Thompson sold his well-bred steers to £1385 and averaged £1343 for five sold from East Unthank.  Bruce Watson & Family, Baal Hill led the heifer entry at £1105 and with equally well-bred, well-presented steer calves by the Limmy bull peaking at £1155 the Weardale based producers enjoyed an average of £1095 for seven bullocks and three heifers.

With a compliment of buyers from all over the UK keen for all classes of cattle producers are urged to contact our auctioneers to discuss how the Hexham Ring can benefit your business. Entries for next week’s sale are invited by 10:30am on Monday 17th January and can be made with the Mart Offices on 01434 605444 or with any of our auctioneers.

Leading prices;    

Cattle 23 – 30 Months

Limousin x steers –£1640 Paxton Dene, £1620 Ogle Dene

Charolais x steers-£1440 Kettleburn

Angus x steers-£1590 Catreen

British Blue x steers-£1260 Highwood

Simmental x steers-£1140 & £1055 Peddar Hill

Dairy Shorthorn x steers-£1040 Half Way House

Limousin x heifers –£1440 Rare Dene, £1280 Colepike Home, £1240 East Uppertown & Colepike Home, £1230 Colepike Home

Angus x heifers –£1450 Catreen, £1380 Church Farm, £1070 Peddar Hill

Cattle 17 – 22 Months

Limousin x steers –£1620 Paxton Dene, £1590 Lough Green & Blackburn, £1570 Lunns House, £1560 Lough Green & Paxton Dene, £1540 Halton Red House & Blackburn, £1480 Blackburn, £1460 (x2) Kettleburn, £1450 & £1440 Lough Green, £1420 Kirkley March, £1400 Lunns House & Blackburn

Charolais x steers –£1540 Kettleburn, £1480 Kirkley March, £1405, £1330 & £1300 Highwood, £1295 White House, £1290 West Nubbock

British Blue x steers –£1560 Paxton Dene, £1220 White House, £1200 Half Way House

Angus steers-£1275 Chesterwood, £1200 Blackhalls, £1150 & £1100 Highwood, £1080 (x2) Meldon Lane House

Angus x steers –£1520 Newlands Haugh & Allendale Farm, £1480 Newlands Haugh & Rare Dene, £1440 Newlands Haugh, £1420 Catreen, £1400 Newlands Haugh, £1380 Aydonshields, £1370 Newlands Haugh, £1350 Redesmouth, £1320 (x2) Sunniside, £1315 Redesmouth, £1300 East Uppertown & Catreen

Simmental x steers –£1460 (x2) & £1400 (x2) Kettleburn

Blonde x steers-£1300 Houselope Grange

South Devon x steers-£1250 Wingates Wholme

Limousin x heifers –£1560 Halton Red House, £1520 Blackhalls, £1400 Lough Green & Lunns House, £1320 Cornhills, £1300 Lough Green & Berwick Hill, £1290 & £1250 Sweethope, £1200 Cornhills, £1180 Halton Red House, Lunns House (x2) & Cornhills

Charolais x heifers –£1200 Raggetsyke, £1190 White House, £1120 Little Swinburn

British Blue x heifers –£1560 Paxton Dene, £1380, £1300, £1240 (x2) & £1140 Howard House

Angus heifers-£1060 Bollihope Shield

Angus x heifers –£1350 (x2) & £1305 Allendale Farm, £1290 Rare Dene, £1280 Aydonshields & Berwick Hill, £1260 Berwick Hill, £1210 Woodland House, £1190 New Houses, £1180 & £1170 Blackhalls

Hereford x heifers –£1330 Little Swinburn

Blonde x heifers-£1595 Houselope Grange

 Cattle 11 – 16 Months

Limousin x steers –£1420 East Unthank, £1390 (x2) & £1380 Brokenheugh, £1350 West Nubbock, £1320 & £1310 (x2) Woodhead Farm, £1275 Highside, £1270 Highside & Little Bavington, £1240 Highside, Little Bavington & Woodhead Farm, £1220 Cornhills, £1200 Lowfield & West Nubbock

Charolais steers-£1600 West Nubbock

Angus steers-£1155 Bollihope Shield

Angus x steers –£1190 & £1095 Lowfield, £1075 Heatheredge

Hereford steers –£1180 Little Swinburn

Hereford x steers-£1130 Little Swinburn

Montbeliarde x steers-£890 Akled Steads

Beef Shorthorn steers –£1095, £1050 & £1040 Newton Farm

Limousin x heifers –£1495 & £1470 Stotsfold, £1440 West Nubbock, £1420 Little Bavington, £1350 White House, £1310, £1280 & £1260 (x2) Swarland Old Hall, £1240 Brokenheugh, £1210 Swarland Old Hall, £1190 West Nubbock, £1170 Tarset Hall, £1165 Stotsfold

Charolais x heifers –£1460 White House, £1300 Raggetsyke

Angus x heifers –£1060 West Shields

Cattle 10 months and under

Limousin x steers –£1385, £1330 & £1320 East Unthank, £1290 Woodhead Farm, £1260 East Unthank, £1250, £1240 & £1180 Round Meadows, £1155, £1140, £1110 & £1090 Baal Hill

Angus steers-£940 Coneygarth

Angus x steers-£1025 Coneygarth, £940 Newton Farm

Beef Shorthorn steers-£1000 Newton farm

Limousin x heifers –£1105 Baal Hill, £1100 Glower-Oer-Him & Round Meadows, £1080 Glower-Oer-Him & Baal Hill, £1070 Baal Hill, £1025 Errington Red House

Breeding Cattle

Cows & Calves

Angus x-£1900 Fairspring Farm

Limousin-£1750 Allotment Farm

Cast Ewes

Hexham and Northern Marts sold 1142 cast ewes and rams to a strong trade for a mixed show forward.

Topping the trade at £215 was a pair of Texel ewes from Mr M E Bell, Thornbrough Farm.

A trio of Texel ewes sold to £206 from Messrs h & D M Forster, East Wharmley.

Mr J O Clark, Brinkburn Newhouses sold a pair of Suffolk ewes to £174.

Blackface ewes sold to £111 from Mr N Forster, Casuey Burn House.

More wanted for next week.

Contact Jack on 07739 440457

Texel-£215 Thornbrough farm, £206 East Wharmley £190 Quarry House & Moralees

Texel x-£184 Brinkburn Newhouses, £178 Quarry House, £162 Hard Riding & Moralees, £160 Longhurst, £159 Quarry House, £150 Brinkburn Newhouses, £149 East Wharmley, £147 Quarry House & Brinkburn Newhouses, £146 Fell Lane Farm & Fallowfield, £145 Longhurst

Suffolk x-£174 Brinkburn Newhouses, £148 Little Whittington, £145 Brinkburn Newhouses, £134 Grangemoor

Leicester-£151 Brownsleazes, £139 Agars Hill, £135 Quarry House, £128 Low Struthers, £126 Hesleywell

Cheviot Mule –£128 Thrunton, £120 East Wharmley

Mule –£120 (x2) Shitlington Hall, £119 Brinkburn Newhouses, £118 Fairley Farm & Grange House Farm, £117 West Shields, £116 Salmonswell, £115 Little Whitington, Nettlesworth West House, Stoop Rigg & Agars Hill, £114 Snape Farm

Blackface –£111 Causey Burn House, £94 Hotbank, £90 Lords Lot Farm

Swaledale –£78 East Plenmeller

Cast Tups

Texel-£202 Longhurst, £190 Camphill, £169 Lough Green, £154 Longhurst

Beltex-£146 Hard Riding

Suffolk-£168 & £154 Steel Hall

Charollais x Tup-£124 Thornley Hall

Leicester-£190 Brownsleazes, £152 Farneyshield, £144 Hesleywell, £140 Thornley Hall, £138 East Plenmeller, £132 Farneyshield

Blackface-£120 Stoop Rigg

Swaledale-£96 Thornley Hall, £92 Buckshot

Store Lambs

Hexham and Northern Marts sold a catalogued entry of 3333 store Hoggs to a better than expected trade considering the downfall in prime lamb trade in the later part of the week.

Topping the trade at £134 was a Texel hogg from Mr J D Vipond, High Knitsley.

Beltex x hoggs topped at £127 from regular supporters Messrs P & E B Robson, Middle Horsleyhope.

Suffolk x hoggs sold to £125 from Mr E Metcalf, Fairley Farm.

A highlight of the sale was a pen of 216 Suffolk x hoggs averaging £107.04 from Thockrington Farms.

Mules topped at £111 from mr J H Martin, Hesleywell.

More wanted to meet the demand at Hexham.

Contact Jack on 07739 440457

Texel x-£134 High Knitsley, £126 Parkside, £118 Prospect Grange, Demesne & High Knitsley, £117 Quarry House, £116 Wesley House & Yetlington Lane, £115.50 Black Callerton, £115 Yetlington Lane & Ogle Dene, £114 East Farm & Garden House, £112.50 High Knitsley, £112 Brinkburn Newhouses, Garden House, Prospect Grange, Quarry House & Whittingham

Dutch Texel x-£120, £115.50 & £109 Willimoteswick

Suffolk x –£125 Fairley Farm, £117 Walltown, £116.50 Whitchester & Garden House, £116 Rare Dene, £114 High Knitsley, £112.50 Yetlington Lane, £112 Whitchester & Thockrington Farms, £111.50 Rare Dene & The Bridges, £110 & £108.50 Thockrington Farms, £108 Middle Horsleyhope, Black Callerton, Hedleywood & Thockrington Farms, £107 Steel Hall, Thockington Farms (x3)

Beltex x –£127 Middle Horsleyhope, £118 Whitchester, £117 Catless Farm, £114 Middle Horsleyhope, £113 (Henderson) Middle Horsleyhope, £108 Linacres & Middle Horlseyhope, £106 Bavington Hill Head & Middle Horlseyhope (x4)

Cheviot-£87.50 North Lodge

Cheviot x-£92 North Lodge

Leicester-£111 Hesleywell

Mule –£111 Hesleywell, £110.50 Redburn, £109 Garden House, £108 North Lodge, £106.50 Redburn, £103 Hesleywell, £102.50 Quarry House, £100 North Lodge

Aberfield-£110, £104 & £101 Walltown

Blackface-£93 Stoop Rigg, £88 Quarry House

Swaledale –£84 Hesleywell