Scots Gap Primestock

Prime Sheep

Prime Lambs

Scots Gap Auction Mart sold 405 prime lambs to an excellent trade. Topping at £140 was an excellent pair of Texel lambs from Mr J Tait, Hill Head Elsdon, selling to regular buyer Mr Ben Gray.

Not far behind at £138 was Scots Gap regular, Messrs W A & M Robson & Son, High Baulk.

Topping the ppk was a pen of 49kg lambs from Mr J Tait, Hill Head at 265.3ppk.

More wanted to meet the demand at Scots Gap.

Texel x –£140 Hill Head, £138 High Baulk, £135 Chesters, £134 Mill View, £130 Hill Head, £125 New Houses & West Grange, £124 Crook Dene, £123 Rugley Walls & Coldwell, £122 High Baulk (x4)

265.3p Hill Head, 255.1p New Houses, 245.2p (x2) High Baulk, 251.0p Rugley Walls, 250.9p High Baulk, 250.0p Hill Head & New Houses, 248.0p Crook Dene

Suffolk x –£122 Rugley Walls & Holling Hill, £118.50 Holling Hill, £117 Rugley Walls

238.8p & 237.5p Rugley Walls, 232.4p Holling Hill, 229.6p New Houses

Mule –£115 Coldwell, £113.50 Holling Hill, £112 Wiskershiel, £111.50 & £110 Rugley Walls

234.7p Coldwell, 234.0p Rugley Walls, 233.3p & 230.5p Wiskershiel

Blackface –£114 Bolam Lake House

Ryeland-£80 Runnymede Cottage

Cast Ewes and Rams

A very plain show of 137 Cast Ewes sold to a strong trade topping at £160 for a Texel ewe from Master B D Fretwell, Black Callerton.

More wanted to meet the demand.

Texel x –£160 & £134 Black Callerton, £109 Holystone Estate

Suffolk x –£117 Holystone Estate, £112 Black Callerton, £109 & £104 Holystone Estate

Cheviot x –£69 Holystone Estate

Mule –£94 Black Callerton, £90 (x2) Holystone Estate

Ryeland–£62 Runnymede Cottage