Scots Gap Primestock

Prime Sheep

Prime Lambs

Scots Gap Mart sold 808 prime and cast sheep in their weekly sale. Lamb trade was greatly improved on the week and averaged 226.2ppk for 48.2kg or £109.10 per head for a super show of largely heavy lambs.

The sale peaked at £144 for a heavy weight Texel cross from Dave Brodie, The Chesters, followed by another at £136 from Ian Scott, Catcherside.

Eddie Robson, High Baulk, Hexham, similarly sold heavy sorts to 258ppk and all vendors went home delighted with the day’s trade.

Leading prices;

Texel x –£144 Chesters, £136 & £129 Catcherside, £129 High Baulk, £127 East White Hill, £125 Catcherside & Colwell Hill, £124 Catcherside, The Fawns & Grangemoor, £122 The Fawns, Forestburngate, Mill View & Rugley Walls, £121 Forestburngate, £120 Chesters, High Baulk, Coldwell, East White Hill & Grangemoor, £119 The Fawns, £118.50 Coldwell, £118 High Baulk, The Farmhouse, The Fawns & Mill View, £117.50 The Fawns, £117 East White Hill, £116 Coldwell, Forestburngate & Dykehead, £114 & £113 Catcherside, £111.50 Demesne, £111 Colwell Hill & Rugley Walls

258.0p High Baulk, 246.9p Forestburngate, 245.8p The Fawns, 244.9p Grangemoor, 244.0p Forestburngate, 243.4p Catcherside, 242.9p & 239.8p The Fawns, 239.5p East Newham, 239.2p The Fawns, 239.1p Grangemoor, 238.6p East Beechfield, 235.3p High Baulk, 234.0p Catcherside & The Fawns, 232.6p Longshaws, 232.0p Forestburngate & Grangemoor, 231.4p The Farmhouse, 231.3p Rugley Walls, 230.5p Catcherside, 230.2p Mill View & Rugley Walls, 229.8p Chesters, 229.4p East White Hill & Demesne, 229.1p Dykehead, 228.9p The Farmhouse, 228.3p Demesne & Stoop Rigg

Suffolk x –£125 & £117.50 East White Hill, £116 Colwell Hill, £108 Rugley Walls, £106 East White Hill, £105.50 Holling Hill, £104.50 East Newham, £103 Colwell Hill

232.0p & 228.9p Colwell Hill, 226.0p East White Hill, 225.0p Rugley Walls, 222.7p East Beechfield, 222.3p East Newham

Mule –£111.50 Coldwell, £109 Stoop Rigg, £105 Holling Hill, £104 & £103.50 Stoop Rigg

215.6p Stoop Rigg, 214.4p Coldwell, 214.3p Holling Hill, 212.2p Stoop Rigg

Blackface –£101 Holling Hill

210.4p Holling Hill

Hampshire-£84 Runnymede

Cast Ewes and Rams

A good show of cast sheep of all classes sold well and peaked at £140 for a big Texel from Dan Thompson, The Fawns and at £138 for a Suffolk cross ewe from, Jonte Walton, Grangemoor.

Leading prices;

Texel x –£130 & £116 Grangemoor, £116 Crook Dene, £112 The Fawns, £106 Fairspring, £105 East Beechfield, £102 The Fawns, £100 Donkin Rigg

Texel Tup-£140 The Fawns

Suffolk x –£138 Grangemoor

Mule –£102 Donkin Rigg, £95 Crook Dene & East Newham, £94 Fairspring, £90 Donkin Rigg & East Newham