Scots Gap Primestock

Scots Gap Mart, at their weekly sale sold 495 prime and cast sheep, as with most centres regionally, trade has eased on the week and averaged 213.2 ppk or £102.86 for 48.3kg. The sale topped at £125 for a super heavy Texel cross for Mr Brodie, The Chesters and at 238.1 ppk for a ¾ bred sorts at 42 kg from the same local producer.

Suffolks peaked at £115 from Phillip Dickinson, Rugley Walls and Mules at £105 from Adam & Jane peart, Hareshaw.

Leading prices

Prime Lambs

Texel x-£125 Chesters, £119 The Fawns, £117 Hill Head, £116 Mill View & The Fawns, £114.50 Horncastle, £114 Mill View & The Fawns, £110 The Fawns & Chesters, £109 Horncastle, £107.50 West Grange, £107 Pitland Hills, £106.50 Horncastle, £106 Rugley Walls, £105 Chesters

238.1p & 231.7p Chesters, 231.7p (x2) Hill Head, 228.9p The Fawns, 225.0p Hill Head, 222.2p The Fawns, 220.5p Chesters, 220.0p The Fawns & Chesters, 219.2p The Fawns, 219.1p & 218.8p (x3) Chesters

Suffolk x £115 Rugley Walls, £110 & £106 Holling Hill, £101 Rugley Walls

212.0p Holling Hill, 210.4p & 209.1p Rugley Walls, 207.6p Holling Hill

Mule-£105 Hareshaw, £104 Pitland Hills, £103.50 Horncastle, £99 Pitland Hills, £96 Dunns House

210.6p & 208.0p Pitland Hills, 205.9p Hareshaw, 204.3p Dunns House, 202.9p Horncastle

Cast Sheep

Cast sheep were a good trade throughout and topped at £136 Lleyn ewes from Malcolm Corbett, Dykehead.

Leading prices;

Texel x-£116 Longwitton, £90 Hill Head

Mule-£95 Longwitton

Suffolk x £100 Longwitton

Lleyn-£136 & £105 Dykehead

Blackfaced-£64 Longwitton