Scots Gap Primestock

Scots Gap mart at their weekly sale sold prime lambs to a top of £128 for texel crosses from Michael Walton Rawfoot. The sale averaged £102.38 throughout for 48.2kg. Numbers fell short of requirements due to standstills and breeding sheep, sales this week and more could easily have been sold.

Leading prices

Prime Lambs

Texel x

£128 Rawfoot, £125 & £121 ( X2) Pitland Hills, £120 & £118 Tosson Tower, £116 Coldwell, £115 Tosson Tower, £114.50 Coldwell, £112 Colwell Hill, £110 (X2) Holling Hill, £109 Tosson Tower & Holling Hill, £108 Holling Hill & Black Callerton.

232.7p Pitland Hills, 231.0p East Newham, 229.8p & 228.3p Black Callerton, 227.3p Pitland Hills, 245.5p Holling Hill, 224.1p Pitland Hills, 221.7p East Newham, 221.3p Black Callerton, 220.7p Rawfoot, 220.4p Holling Hill, 220.2p Coldwell, 220.0p East Newham, 219.6p Colwell Hill, 219.5p Runnymede Cottage, 218.5p Tosson Tower

Suffolk x £126 Colwell Hill, £113 & £110 Holling Hill, £109 Black Callerton, £105 East Newham & Colwell Hill, £102 Colwell Hill

222.5p Black Callerton, 217.0p Colwell Hill, 215.7p Holling Hill, 214.3p East Newham, 210.0p Colwell Hill, 209.3p Holling Hill

Mule £105 Coldwell, £102 & £101 Pitland Hills £96

205.9p Coldwell, 203.3p Ray Mill, 200.0p Black Callerton, 198.0p Pitland Hills

Cast Sheep

Leading prices;

Texel x-£160 East Beechfield, £130 Longshaws, £120 Forestburngate, £116 (X2) Longshaws, £114 Longshaws

Texel x Tup £122 East Beechfield, £86 Longshaws