RPA summarise funding for farmers and land managers

The schemes and initiatives are outlined below. Click on the links to find out more. For impartial discussion and further information call

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One-off payments

One-off payments are for activities that you do once or to help you buy equipment or other items.

Investing in equipment, technology and infrastructure

You can apply for money:

  • for equipment and technology that improves productivity and benefits the environment – grants are available through the Farming Equipment and Technology Fund, which is part of the Farming Investment Fund
  • to buy items to increase your business’s productivity through the Farming Transformation Fund, which is part of the Farming Investment Fund – you’ll need to check if you’re eligible
  • to support investment in slurry systems, including for slurry stores and store covers – grants will be available from the Farming Investment Fund from Autumn 2022

Research and innovation

You can apply for grants for innovation, research and development from the Farming Innovation Programme.

Improving animal health and welfare

The Animal Health and Welfare Pathway provides money to help improve the health and welfare of animals.

Improving the health of trees affected by disease

You can apply for money to improve tree health through the tree health pilot scheme if you manage certain trees or woodlands affected by some pests and diseases in some regions of England.

Supporting national parks, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONBs) and Broads

Money is available from the Farming in Protected Landscapes Programme to all farmers and land managers within:

  • an AONB
  • a National Park in England
  • the Norfolk Broads

Leaving farming

The Lump Sum Exit Scheme will help farmers in England who choose to leave farming.

Once you receive a lump sum payment, you will not be eligible for any further BPS payments or delinked payments.

You will also not be eligible to enter into new agreements under the following schemes unless you repay the lump sum first:

Ongoing payments

Ongoing payments are for activities to produce environmental outcomes that usually take you a year or more to complete.

Improving the health of soils

In 2022, farmers who are eligible for BPS can apply for money from the Sustainable Farming Incentive to improve soil health.

Understanding moorland

In 2022, farmers who are eligible for the BPS can apply for money from the Sustainable Farming Incentive to identify and assess the environmental features of their moorland.

Managing habitats, woodlands, flood risk and reducing water pollution

You can apply for Countryside Stewardship to get paid to look after and improve the environment. Applications are open until 2023 (for agreements starting in 2024).

Making space for nature on farms and in the countryside

You’ll be able to apply for money from Local Nature Recovery to get paid for things that help the local environment. For example:

  • managing and restoring habitats
  • planting trees and managing woodlands
  • restoring peatlands
  • using natural flood management techniques

Defra will trial Local Nature Recovery with land managers from 2023. All eligible applicants can apply from the end of 2024.

Large scale landscape and ecosystem restoration projects

Money for Landscape Recovery will be available to support projects such as:

  • creating and expanding nature reserves
  • creating woodland
  • restoring peatland and wetland

Applications for the first round of projects have closed. Defra will invite applications for the next round in 2023.

Restoring peatlands in the uplands and lowlands of England

The Nature for Climate Peatland Grant Scheme (NCPGS) provides money to restore peatlands in the uplands and lowlands of England. It is a competitive grant scheme that will run until 2025.

Planting trees and managing woodland

Until 2024, you can get paid to plant trees and create woodland through the England Woodland Creation Offer on areas that are at least 1 hectare.

There are other grants available for woodland creation, maintenance, management and tree health.

Money for woodland creation is available at a regional level, for example:

  • England’s Community Forests
  • Northern Forest England
  • National Forest Company
  • Northumberland Forest
  • Forest for Cornwall
  • Woodlands for Water Partnership

Joining farming

The New Entrant Support Scheme aims to encourage new starters into farming. Defra plans to trial this scheme from 2022 to 2023.