RPA performance 2021

The RPA have announced how details about their performance in 2021 – indeed they call it “Strong” Click for the full article

The Rural Payments Agency has paid out just under 101,300 eligible claims, totalling £1.8bn for farmers in the first month of the payment window which runs between December and June.

This total represents 98.3% of eligible claims to the Basic Payment Scheme (BPS), 62.2% of claims to the Countryside Stewardship Scheme (CS) revenue and 64.6% of claims to the Environmental Stewardship Scheme (ES) 2021.

In addition, across 2021, £66.75m was paid out in Countryside Stewardship Capital Grants which support the establishment and maintenance of woodland and hedges. Just under 5,700 CS Capital claims were paid out within an average of 30 working days.

It remains important to check that payments received are correct – Often a remittance advice is all you will receive. Check against the claim you summitted or for Stewardship against your agreements. If they do not match up with what you were expecting contact the RPA – 0300 020 0301 or send a payment query form for either BPS or CS BPS payment Query Form CS payment query form

If you need any help with DEFRA/RPA payments, please don’t hesitate to contact HNR 01434 607 028, 07753693111 cjohnson@hexhammart.co.uk