Hexham Store Cattle & Sheep

Store Cattle

Hexham & Northern Marts held their final sale of store cattle in the traditional cattle sale month of October and offered 357 catalogued head from across Northumberland, County Durham, Cumbria & North Yorkshire to complete a tally of six great cattle sales held at Tyne Green during the month.

Once again rates were lifted from the previous week’s sale and the ceiling was pushed even further for an older, forward commercial steer with last week’s bell-ringer Mr Andrew Ellis, Thrunton Lowfield, Alnwick once again topping the sale, this week at £1760 for a simply outstanding Charolais cross steer the likes of which are only seen on vary rare occasion through any auction ring.

Ian Thornton, Hay a Park, Knaresborough followed at £1610 for a super Limmy cross steer at 19 months of age and a great many more steers on the day exceeded £1500 per head including a quartet from weekly consignors Messrs Herdman Lunns House, Consett which changed hands at from £1590 to £1500 to average £1525, all four selling to the same Helperby based weekly purchaser through the Hexham ring.

The best end of heifers also continue to command a premium and these peaked on the day at £1540 for a super, homebred ¾ Limousin example from Alan Ogle, Comb Hill, Slaley who followed with another at £1480 and saw his lead three average a mighty £1430.

Heifers saw the peak of the Angus trade with a big, square, upstanding three quarter bred black lass from John, Mary & Chris Armstrong, Grasslees ringing the bell for native types on the day at £1440.  Angus bullocks topped at £1350 from the aforementioned Hay a Park to cap another great days trading for Mr Thornton and proof indeed that far-travelled cattle can compete at the highest levels of trade on Tyne Green.

Cattle in the 11-17 month age bracket were still in hot demand and these peaked at £1370 for a cracking Limmy heifer from Messrs Burn, Grange Houses, Stamfordham. 
A sought after run were presented by The Nixon family, Stotsfold, Hexhamshire and their trademark Limousin breeding was evident throughout the dozen strong consignment of steers which topped at £1340 and averaged a hefty £1264 for the twelve sold on the day.

The youngest class of cattle; those at ten months and younger were in short supply but sold well to £1220 for a thumping Limmy bullock calf from Messrs Maughan, Heatheridge and a great run from Messrs Teasdale, Grindon Hill topping at £1100 for steers and £1000 for heifers and their run of 16 which straddled the age bracket returned at a healthy £1071 for nine and seven sold respectively.

With cattle still in big demand and numbers easing as the ‘back-end’ presses on the auctioneers are keen to speak with producers that may have cattle yet to be presented onto the market to discuss the benefits of consigning cattle for sale at Hexham.

Leading prices; 

Cattle 23 – 30 Months

Limousin x steers –£1410, £1400 & £1390 Low Hall

Limousin x heifers –£1390, £1290 & £1200 Low Hall

Charolais x heifers –£1440, £1430, £1280, £1270 & £1230 Fitches Grange

Cattle 17 – 22 Months

Limousin x steers –£1610 Hay-A-Park, £1590 Lunns House & Shitlington Hall, £1510 Lunns House & Shitlington Hall, £1500 Lunns House (x2) & Coldwell, £1490 Shitlington Hall, £1450 Thrunton Lowfield, £1440 Shitlington Hall, £1400 & £1380 Hay-A-Park

Charolais x steers –£1760, £1500, £1460 Thrunton Lowfield, £1430 Colwell Hill, £1360 Thrunton Lowfield, £1325 Hay-A-Park, £1310 Thrunton Lowfield, £1300 & £1285 Hay-A-Park

Angus x steers –£1350 Hay-A-Park, £1290 & £1280 Allendale Farm, £1220 East Fourstones, £1210 Ogle Dene

Simmental x steers –£1275 Hay-A-Park

Limousin x heifers –£1540 & £1480 Comb Hills, £1295 Thornton Tower, £1270 Comb Hills, £1210 Errington Hall

Charolais x heifers –£1360, £1170 (x2) Horncastle

British Blue x heifers –£1260 Rawfoot

Angus heifers-£1070 Grange House

Angus x heifers –£1440 Grasslees, £1260 Codlaw Hill, £1240 Grasslees, £1200 Allendale Farm, £1180 Codlaw Hill

Simmental x heifers –£1370, £1270 & £1250 High Fotherley

Beef Shorthorn heifers –£1180 & £1170 Shadfen Park

 Cattle 11 – 16 Months

Limousin x steers –£1340, £1330, £1320, £1310, £1290, £1275 & £1260 Stotsfold, £1255 Grindon Hill, £1240 Spittalshield

Charolais x steers – £1230 Horncastle & Hay-A-Park, £1190 Little Swinburne

British Blue x steers –£1200 Woodhouse

Angus x steers –£1180 High Yarridge, £1050 Ogle Dene

Limousin x heifers –£1370 Grange House, £1160 Rawfoot, £1150 Grange House, £1100 Grindon Hill, £1050 Spittalshield, £1040 Grindon Hill & Coldwell, £1010 Low Town, £1000 Grindon Hill

Charolais x heifers –£1090 & £1040Hartburn Grange

Angus x heifers –£1210 Grange House, £1050 Colwell Hill

Cattle 10 months and under

Limousin x steers –£1220 Heatheridge, £1100 Grindon Hill

Limousin x heifers –£1000 Grindon Hill

Cast Ewes

Cast Ewes sold to a tremendous trade for 1782 forward. Topping the sale were four Texel ewes at £190 from J E Holiday & Son, Woodland House, selling to Mr J Dunn.

Tups topped at £164 for a Bluefaced Leicester from Mr F T Walton, Flotterton.

Blackface ewes topped at £96 for a pen of 9 from Messrs J Hunter & Son, The Steel.

Mules topped at £116 from Messrs J R Robinson & Son, Warksfield Head.

More wanted to meet the demand.

Texel-£185 New Acres, £178 Woodlands Place, £170 New Acres, £168 East Greenridge

Texel Tup-£130 Demesne

Texel x-£190 Woodland House, £174 & £162 Pasture Hill, £160 New Houses, £152 Pasture Hill, £150 Woodland House, Woodlands Place (x2), New Acres & East Greenridge, £148 New Houses (x2) & East Flass, £146  The Steel, £144 Loadman Farm, £142 New Houses & Peel Flatt, £138 East Greenridge & Partridge Nest, £136 New Houses, Burmoor, Hackford & Townshields

Suffolk-£145 Sillywrea

Suffolk x-£144 Whitechapel, £138 Town Farm, £126 Woodlands Hall, £124 High Alderheads, £122 Pasture Hill, £118 Westlands

Suffolk Tup-£158 Flotterton

Beltex-£120 China Hall

Beltex x –£150 & £130 St Oswalds, £130 East Greenridge

Dutch Texel –£126 Glendue

Leicester-£108 Warksfield Head

Leicester Tup-£164 Flotterton

Cheviot –£112 West Newlands, £92 North Churchlands, £91 Sillywrea

Cheviot Mule –

Mule –£116 Warksfield Head, £111 Fairley Farm, £108 The Steel, £106 Pasture Hill, £102 Snitter Farm, £101 East Haydon & Netherharsley Farm, £100 Chesters, Townshields & New Kennels

Hampshire-£88 Felton Demesne

Blackface –£96 & £84 The Steel

Swaledale –£73 Sir Tom Cowie Family Trust

Swaledale Tup-£68 Ottercops

Store Lambs

Hexham and Northern Marts had another catalogued entry of over 5000 store lambs and all classes easily sold with many classes sharper on the week.

Top price for 3 Beltex Ewe lambs Mrs Alice Walton, Linacres which realized £200. Another Linacres lamb made £156. Greyside sold Texel crosses to £132.

Suffolk lambs sold to £117 from New Houses with a great pen of 35 from D & N H Martell, Black Hedley making £116.

Mule lambs were again very easily sold to a top of £100 from Greencarts, not far behind at £99.50 G H Walton & Sons, Greyside.

A small class of Blackface lambs sold to £80 from Dudlees & Greenleas.

More lambs wanted for next week and early entries appreciated.

Texel x-£132 Greyside, £123 Birkside, £120 Old Forge, £116 Red House Farm & Greyside, £111.50 Girsonfield, £110.50 Greyside, £110 Burmoor & Durhamfield, £108.50 Felton Demesne, £108 China Hall, £108 Hownsgill Farm, £107.50 Burmoor, £107 Greyside, New Acres & Birchcraig, £106.50 Woodlands Place, £106  New Acres (x2), £105.50 Catreen, £105 New Acres

Suffolk x –£117 New Houses, £116 Black Hedley, £113 Mill House Farm, £106 Garden House, £102 Green West House

Beltex-£200 Linacres

Beltex x –£156 & £131 Linacres, £128 & £125.50 Dotland Park, £119 & £117 Mill House, £116 Dotland Park

Abermax-£104.50 Walltown Farm

Mule –£100 Greencarts, £99.50 Greyside, £98 Hackford, £96 Greencarts, £93.50 North Lodge & Greyside, £90 Bulls Hill & Halliburton Farm, £89 Whiteside, Ouston (x2), Allotment Farm (x2), Bulls Hill, White House Farm & Edlingham Demesn, £88.50 Greyside, £88 Red House Farm & Greyside

Blackface-£80 Dudlees & Greenleas