Hexham Breeding Rams & Females

Stock Sheep

Old Police House- J Nicholson

Hexham & Northern Marts held their second sale of hill ewes, gimmers and ewe lambs and other ewes, lambs and Rams of all classes and offered a combined catalogue of over 2700 head.

A mixed show of horned and cheviot hill ewes and gimmers met with a mixed trade although there was demand for all classes at ringside.

Within the sale the company conducted a dispersal of Hexham Type Blackface ewes on behalf of Mr John Nicholson, The Old Police House, Roadhead, Carlisle and these outstanding types saw the peak of the horned ewe trade.

With interest from Dumfriesshire to the North and Devon in the South the majority of ewes remained in either Northumberland or Cumbria.  These quality sorts were released onto the market late in the season due to a change in farming policy but despite this sold exceptionally well and would scarcely have realised any greater return at the earlier sales and were a great credit to Mr Nicholson & Family.

Leading prices;

Blackface Gimmers-£205, £200, £192, £160, £140

Blackface 1 crop-£155, £150

Blackface 2 crop-£164

Blackface 3 crop-£161, £122

Blackface 4 crop-£98, £94

Mule Ewe Lambs-£130, £122

Pry Hill-J A Wilkinson

Also sold on the day was the final offering of stock Swaledale ewes from Jeff Wilkinson, Pry Hill, Sinderhope and these too sold well as follows;

Swaledale Gimmers-£112

Swaledale 1 crop-£90

Swaledale 2 crop-£92

Swaledale 3 crop-£86

Swaledale 4 crop-£78

Horned and Cheviot ewes and gimmers were a straight trade although hardly as dear as the main sale, topping at £170 for Blackie Gimmers from breed stalwart Edgar Charlton, Greenleas.

Leading prices;

Blackface Ewes

Blackface 5 year old-£96, £90, £86, £85, £84 Featherwood

Blackface 6 year old-£70 Green Rigg

Blackface mixed ages-£100 Greenleas, £86 Bilsmoor, £72 Cottonshope

Swaledale Ewes

Swaledale 5 year old-£76 Low Bleakhope, £62 Westburnhope

Swaledale 6 year old-£55 Low Bleakhope, £52 Broadgates, £48 Chattlehope

Swaledale UO-£50 Westburnhope

Cheviot Ewes, Gimmers & Ewe Lambs

Cheviot 1 crop-£118 Woodbine Cottage

Cheviot x Ewe lambs-£116 Woodbine Cottage

South Country Cheviot

South Country Cheviot Gimmers-£128 Flotterton

South Country Cheviot 1-2 crop-£120 Flotterton

South Country Cheviot 4-5 crop-£87 Flotterton

South Country Cheviot 6 year old-£80 Flotterton

Blackface Gimmers

Blackface-£170 Greenleas

Mule & Other Ewes & Gimmers

A mixed show of Mule and Lowland ewes met a steady trade with square, well farmed, quality sorts sought after although secondary types harder to cash to advantage.

Leading prices;

Mule 2-4 crop-£110 & £106 The Bridges

Mule 4 crop-£110 Bulls Hill

Mule 5 crop-£120 & £106 Baal Hill

Mule 5 year old-£102 Broadgate

Mule Gimmers-£150 Taylor Burn

Texel Gimmer-£200 (x3) The Croft

Texel x Gimmer-£170 West Wharmley, £160, £152 & £148 Claywalls, £145 Wesley House, £140 Claywalls

Suffolk x Gimmer-£178 Flotterton

Beltex x Gimmer-£202 Pit House

Bluefaced Leicester Gimmer (crossing type)-£155 Hole Farm

Cheviot Mule Gimmer-£168 Claywalls, £150 Flotterton

A small show of over 900 Mule and other ewes lambs were in demand with both tupping types and running, gimmer makers a good level trade throughout and many commenting dearer than the previous sale.  All Northern counties were in attendance and buyers from further-a-field were also represented.  The Mule entry was topped at £144 for a great pen from John Carr, Camphill who also followed with another at £138.  Graham Robson, The Hole also had a good trade topping at £136 for a sweet pen full.  Texel ewe lambs topped at £140 for a smart and hefty pen of four well-bred types from Katie Armstrong, Wesley House, Knitsley.

Leading prices; 

Blackface & Swaledale Ewe Lambs

Blackface-£82 Bilsmoor, £78 Featherwood

Swaledale-£71 Ouston farm, £63 & £54 Low Bleakhope

Mule Ewe Lambs

£144 & £138 Camphill, £136 Hole Farm, £132 Camphill, £131 & £130 Pitland Hills, £130 Hole Farm, £126 Demesne, £122 Pitland Hills, £120 Hole Farm (x2), Brieredge Farm & Hotbank, £118 Brieredge Farm, £108 Rugley Walls, £107 & £106 Chirdon, £106 Demesne

Other Ewe Lambs

Texel x Ewe lambs-£140 Wesley House, £125 Redsteads, £119 Glendue, £108 Armondside

Cheviot Mule Ewe lambs-£112 Low Espley

Ram Sale

Bluefaced Leicester sold to another good trade topping at £600 from Messrs M & N Gray, Low Espley.

Leicester Rams

Tup Lamb-£320 & £300 Old Police House

Shearling-£600 Low Espley, £580 Woodcroft, £480 Holling Hill & Low Espley, £440 & £420 Low Espley, £420 Court Green Farm, £400 Cote Walls & Court Green Farm (x2)

Aged Ram-£420 Pry Hill, £350 Woodcroft

Blackface Ram

Aged Ram-£600 Bolam Lake House

Swaledale Ram

Shearling-£200 (x2) Lilswood Cottage

North Country Cheviot shearling rams sold to a good trade topping at £850 from F T Walton, Flotterton.

The annual show was expertly judged by Mr J Ions, High Thornyburn placing F T Walton in top position held by stockman Thomas Hammond selling for £800. Second position went to Mr R Powell, Springwood.

The show was kindly sponsored by Hexham and Northern Rural.

North Country Cheviot Ram (Part type)

Shearling-£850, £800, £500 Humbleheugh, £480 Hill Head & Flotterton, £450 West Mill Hills, £400 Flotterton

North Country Cheviot Ram (Hill type)

Aged Ram-£400 Flotterton

Suffolk Ram

Suffolk Shearlings sold to £580 for a shearling from Lilburn Estate Farming Partnership.

Shearling-£580 Lilburn Estates, £520 The Rock, £500 Lilburn Estates, £450 Elilaw, £400 Sillywrea

Texel Ram

Shearling-£1150 Shawwood Farm, £650 Woodcroft, £600 & £550 Butterknowes, £520 Hill Head & Elilaw, £500 Butterknowes & Hill Head, £480 West Mill Hills, £450 Butterknowes (x3) & West Mill Hills

Continental and Cross Bred Ram

Bleu de Maine

Shearling-£250 Craigshield

Dutch Texel

Ram Lamb-£260 & £250 Woodhead

 Shearling-£250 (x2) Amos Hil

Texel x

Shearling-£420 Wrangham Farm, £320 & £300 Springwood, £300 High Castle Dene


Shearling-£480 Wrangham Farm, £420 Low Espley

Beltex x

Shearling-£300 Dotland Park, £260 High Toft Hill


Shearling-£380 & £360 Woodcroft