Hexham Show & Sale of Breeding Cattle

Breeding Cattle

Hexham & Northern Marts held their special Prize Show and Sale of Beef Breeding Cattle and offered for sale 283 outfits from noted herdmasters from across the region including dispersals and part dispersals from no less than five respected herds.

Prior to the sale the prize show was kindly sponsored by Lloyds Bank and expertly judged by Graham and Gemma Common, Low Ardley, Hexhamshire.  Giving each and every class their full consideration the father and daughter team worked through the preliminary prizes to then arrive at their Champion pair which was the first of a twenty-eight strong offering from Richard, Stuart & James Johnson, West Wharmley.  The sweet, long and super shapely three-quarter bred Limousin cross heifer and 7/8 bred heifer calf looked every bit the Champions and the annual consignors to this sale were delighted to receive The John Riddle Memorial Trophy for their pen leader.

Standing a worthy Reserve was the opening pair from The Tindale Family, Paradise Farm, Durham and this one a Blue cross heifer with her cracking Limmy heifer calf stayed in County Durham going home with a noted breeder of high end show calves.

Prize List, Prices & Buyers;

Overall Champion – Messrs Johnson, West Wharmley; £3500 to the judges.

Reserve Champion – Messrs Tindale, Paradise; £2500 to Messrs Reed, West Biggens.

Limousin Cross Heifer & Calf

1st Prize – West Wharmley (as above).

2nd Prize – Mirlaw House; £3400 to Messrs Oliver, Cawfields.

British Blue Cross Heifer & Calf

1st Prize – Paradise (as above).

2nd Prize – West Wharmley; £2600 to Messrs Clark, Paxton Dene.

Angus cross heifer & Calf

1st Prize – West Wharmley; £2500 to Messrs Charleton, Little Harle.

2nd Prize – West Wharmley; £2300 to Messrs Walton, Rawfoot.

With such a hefty number of outfits on the catalogue and the majority made up of herd dispersal cattle it was a bitter-sweet day for the auctioneers and not an inconsiderable workload to sort, pen and catalogue all pairs correctly in a few short hours prior to the sale but the team of auctioneers, office staff and drovers pulled out all the stops and the result was a highly satisfactory sale from start to finish.

With a deal of breeding cattle being sold all over the country currently a strong crowd of local buyers gathered for the heifer and calf classes and these started slowly but warmed to a fair old rattle at the height of the sale with a great entry presented by all consignors.

Messrs Tindale, Paradise were the first large consignment of the day and these peaked at £2600 twice and with another at £2550 and three at £2500 the Shadforth based family levelled at £2250 for thirteen outfits sold.

The Championship winning West Wharmley team brought out a hefty annual offering and presented twenty eight pairs of ¾ Limousin and first cross Limmy and Blue heifers with cracking calves at foot and a smattering of Angus ladies that too sold well on the day. With the Champion pair cashing at £3500 and five more exceeding the £3000 mark Richard and Sons were delighted with what the Hexham ring achieved for their quality exhibits on this occasion attaining a newsworthy average of £2687 for the entire run representing an increase of £237 per pair on the same sale last year.

Sought after at this sale is the annual consignment from Messrs Foley Bros, Mirlaw House and this year was no exception.  A great run of Black Limousin cross and Steely Blue cross heifers were brought from Capheaton to Hexham and the longest-standing supporters of the company’s beef breeding sales were rewarded handsomely for their efforts. 

With a joint top price of £3500 on the day and seven more beyond the 3k threshold Messrs Foley enjoyed a whopping average of £3092 for thirteen Limousin outfits sold and £2580 for 5 British Blue cross capping a great days trading at Hexham with many return purchasers now spanning three generations buying from the respected purveyors.

Entries are now invited for the next beef breeding sale which takes place on Friday 5th November and includes the show and sale of native beef breeding cattle of all classes.

Leading Prices;

Heifers & with Calves at Foot

Limousin –£3500 West Wharmley & Mirlaw House, £3400 (x2), £3300 Mirlaw House, £3250 West Wharmley, £3200 West Wharmley & Mirlaw House (x2), £3100 West Wharmley (x2) & Mirlaw House, £3050 West Wharmley, £2900 West Wharmley (x2) & Mirlaw House, £2850 & £2800 West Wharmley, £2800 Mirlaw House (x2), £2750 West Wharmley (x2) & Mirlaw House

Angus x –£2500, £2400, £2300 West Wharmley, £2100 Paradise

British Blue-£2900 Mirlaw House, £2600 West Wharmley & Mirlaw House, £2550 Paradise & Mirlaw, £2500 Mirlaw House, £2450 & £2400 Paradise

Hereford x-£2000 Mirlaw House

Incalf Cows & Heifers

Longhorn-£1180 Pry Hill

Bulling Heifers

Angus x –£1000 (x2) Snape Farm

Limousin –£1020 Low Staples

Sucker herd Dispersal

Eshott Home Farm- JB & DE Clark Farming Partnership

The company was delighted to welcome JB & DE Clark Farming Partnership, Eshott Home Farm to Hexham. This fantastic commercial herd of Aberdeen Angus x and Simmental x cows and calves was the first of five dispersals and part dispersals that the company was instructed to sell on the day.

The thirty four Angus x and Simmental x cows with late spring calves at foot were first to under the hammer and met a solid commercial trade with purchasers coming from as far as Norfolk and west of Scotland. The cows and calves went on to average a healthy £1658.53.

Following the cows and calves was a fantastic run of in calf cows, mainly homebred cows that were scanned back in calf to the Simmental or Angus bull, due mid spring.

The incalvers met a strong local trade with many staying in Northumberland. The eighty in calf cows went to realise a couple of pound notes short of £1200.

The company would like to thank and wish Messrs Clark all the best for the future.

Stock Cows with Calves at Foot

Limousin-£1700, £1600

Angus x-£2550, £1850 (x3), £1820, £1780, £1700 (x2), £1620, £1600

British Blue-£1620


Simmental x-£1780, £1700, £1650, £1620 (x2), £1600, £1580, £1550

Stabiliser x-£1420

Incalf Cows & Heifers

Angus x-£1700, £1650, £1600 (x2), £1520, £1500 (x3)


Simmental x-£1520, £1500

Stabiliser x-£1300 (x2

Pedigree Stock Bull

Angus-£3570, £2100

Dykehead-L Corbett & Co

The second part dispersal on behalf of Malcolm Corbett and Family, Dykehead saw a super offering of pure bred Limousin cows with autumn born calves at foot.

This portion of the sale peaked at £2500 twice; the first for a five year old cow by the noted French Sire ‘Day’ with her month old bull calf at foot by ‘Bavardage’. This one was followed by a 2019 born, first calved heifer by ‘Cameos’ with another outstanding 6 week old bull calf by the renowned Lodge Hamlet.

Mr Corbett wishes all buyers good luck with their purchases and was happy to average £2196 throughout.

Leading prices;

Stock Cows & Heifers with Calves at Foot

Limousin-£2500 (x2), £2400, £2350, £2300, £2200 (x4)

China Hall- FM Suddes

The third dispersal on this day was for F M Suddes and Family, China Hall. This noted County Durham herd was dispersed until such time that a suckler cow enterprise can be reintroduced on the farm and the company wish all the family well for the future.

The offering peaked at £2200 for an eight year old Blue cross cow with an outstanding spring born Limousin cross steer calf at foot and the herd sold well to average £1679 throughout.

Leading prices;

Stock Cows & Heifers with Calves at Foot

Limousin-£1700, £1600

Angus x-£1800, £1550

British Blue-£2200, £2150, £2050

Simmental x-£1800

Charolais x-£1700

Beef Shorthorn-£1700



Hereford x-£1620

Elf Hills- J A Scott

The company offered a small herd on behalf of Andrew Scott, Elf Hills and these hardy hill types topped at £1650 for a 2018 born Limousin cross with her July born ¾ bred Limousin heifer calf at foot which sold to a next door neighbour. Another at the same age with a steer calf sold at £1620 and the run of fifteen all found new homes with ease.

Leading prices;

Stock Cows & Heifers with Calves at Foot

Limousin-£1650, £1620, £1440

Simmental x-£1480


Stabiliser x-£1580

Pedigree Stock Bulls


Humber Hill- Messrs Halls Farm

The last offering of the day was from Messrs Halls Farm, Humber Hill and these home bred cows were harder to cash with younger calves at foot. The run peaked at £1440 for a 2015 born Charolais cross with a ¾ Charolais bull calf at foot.

Leading prices;

Stock Cows with Calves at Foot

British Blue x-£1300

Charolais x-£1440, £1300(x2)