Hexham Primestock


Prime Cattle

Handful of well finished steers this week, selling to 264.5 ppkg for a Limousin x from Messrs Graham & Son, Miller Hill.

Limousin steers –£1597.35, £1552.62 & £1307.50 Miller Hill

264.5p, 261.5p & 231.5p Miller Hill

Cast Cows & OTM

Cows still a straight price, a touch easier but not as much as other centres with an average of 138 ppkg for a predominantly lean show forward.

OTM heifers from West Shields sold to 203.5 ppkg. Highest ppkg cow was a well fleshed Simmental x cow from Mr R M Johnston, High Fotherley selling to 163.5 ppkg


Angus x heifers-£1231.80 & £925.90 West Shields

203.5p & 140.5p West Shields

Cast Cows

Limousin –£1059.51 Allenshields, £1017.23 Ouston Farm, £1006.46 Allenshields, £982.70 Blakelaw

158.8p Blakelaw, 156.5p (x2) Allenshields, 148.5p Ouston Farm, 146.5p Allenshields

Limousin Bull –£1358.50 Pitland Hills

123.5p Pitland Hills

Saler x-£898.52 & £844.76 West Shields

184.5p & 141.5p West Shields

British Friesian-£780.20, £639.80 & £633.15 West Riding

117.5p & 100.5p West Riding

British Blue –£1172.47 Allenshields

155.5p Allenshields

Simmental –£1286.75 High Fotherley

163.5p High Fotherley

Simmental x –£1177.14 High Fotherley

155.5p High Fotherley

Prime Sheep

Prime Lambs

More sheep forward on the week and an improved show with not as many leaner lambs. All classes were easily sold and the average 8p up on the week.

Top price for a massive Suffolk cross lamb from Flotterton £150. Beltex crosses to 297.6p from East Wharmley.

Early entries invited for next week’s sale, contact Brian or Jack.

Texel x –£137 Watch Currock, £123 Low Eshells, £121 Moorgair, £120 Flotterton, £119 Watch Currock (x2) & Low Staples, £118 Aydonshields, East House Farm & Watch Currock, £117 Woodcroft, Watch Currock (x2), £116.50 Flotterton Cottage, £116 Moorgair

270.5p Watch Currock, 261.4p Linacres, 246.0p Low Eshells, 245.8p Watch Currock, 245.5p East Wharmley, 242.9p Linacres, 240.0p East Wharmley & Flotterton, 239.6p Watch Currock, 239.4p East Uppertown & Watch Currock, 239.1p Low Eshells, 238.9p East Uppertown, 238.8p Watch Currock

Suffolk x –£150 & £128 Flotterton, £126 Low Eshells, £124.50 & £114.50 Flotterton, £110 & £105 Salmonfield, £99 Sillywrea, £97 Salmonfield

229.2p Salmonfield, 229.0p Flotterton, 228.3p Salmonfield, 225.0p Low Eshells, 222.3p & 220.7p Flotterton, 220.5p Salmonfield, 220.2p North Cocklake, 219.5p East Newham

Beltex x –£125 East Wharmley, £123 & £120 West Moorhouses, £117 East House Farm, £111.50 West Moorhouses, £109, £108 & £105 St Oswalds

297.6p East Wharmley, 286.1p & 279.1p West Moorhouses, 272.1p East House Farm, 253.5p St Oswalds

Charollais x –£128 Satley Farm, £102 Whitechapel

237.2p Whitechapel, 209.8p Satley Farm

Leicesters-£120 & £111.50 West Moorhouses

231.1p & 227.6p West Moorhouses

Cheviot x-£109 Willimoteswick, £107 Flotterton

227.7p Flotterton, 222.5p Willimoteswick

Cheviot Mule-£119 Flotterton, £110 & £104 Bingfield, £104 Flotterton

226.1p Bingfield 7 Flotterton

Mule –£111 Warksfield Head, £110.50 Hackford, £110 Whitechapel & Hackford, £105.50 Great Chesters, £99 East Wharmley, £98.50 Great Chesters, £97.50 Todhillwood, £94.50 Hotbank

215.7p Whitechapel & Hackford, 215.3p Great Chesters, 215.2p East Wharmley, 214.1p Great Chesters, 213.5p Warksfield Head, 210.5p North Cocklake, 210.2p Todhillwood, 210.0p & 208.5p Hotbank

Blackface –£101.50 Great Chesters, £80.50 Edges Green

207.1p Great Chesters