Hexham Primestock


Prime Cattle

Clean cattle slightly sharper on the week with plenty of weight on show.

Limousin cross heifers from Messrs T L Forster & Son, Lowes Fell sold to 249.5ppk.

Top grossing heifer came from Messrs A Hall & Son, Barker House with a very well finished Charolais cross realising £1509.75.

Limousin Heifers –£1422.15 & £1340.33 Lowes Fell

249.5p Lowes Fell

Charolais Heifers –£1509.75 & £1509.70 Barker House, £1461.00, £1459.25 Flotterton

247.5p Barker House, 244.5p Flotterton, 243.5p Flotterton & Barker House

Angus Heifers –£1240.40 Hard Riding

221.5p Hard Riding

Cast Cows & OTM

Hexham cast trade goes up another gear!

Cows and cast bulls certainly dearer this week with a much larger number forward.

An increased entry saw another fresh purchaser ringside, ensuring a fast and very competitive trade.

Stock bulls sold to £1658.25 (167.5ppk) for a Limousin from Messrs A & T Dixon, Chirdon.

Cast cows sold to 185.5ppk for a Limousin from Messrs Athley, High Lovelady Shield.

Angus cross cows sold well once again with Mr T Hall, The Raw selling cows to £1374.45.

A large number of the sale was made up of hill cows with Whitebred Shorthorn cows selling to 134.5ppk and Galloways selling to 117.5ppk.

Limousin –£1335.02 Low Houselop, £1308.75 Haggate Farm, £1296.65 High Lovelady, £1273.00 Ouston, £1236.35 Davyshiel, £1196.25 & £1170.45 The Brigg, £1149.05 Agars Hill, £1116.77 & £1106.30 Redesmouth

191.5p The Brigg, 185.5p High Lovelady, 174.5p Haggate Farm, 167.5p Agars Hill & Ouston, 163.5p Low Houselop, 159.5p The Brigg, 156.5p Davyshiel

Angus x-£1374.45, £1207.96 & £1129.95 Catcherside, £1128.73, £1095.08 The Raw, £1093.13 Catcherside

178.5p Catcherside, 149.5p The Raw & Catcherside, 140.5p The Raw, 139.5p The Raw & Catcherside

British Blue-£1123.50 Haggate Farm, £1118.25 Cornhills, £1079.10 Hard Riding

163.5p Hard Riding, 160.5p Haggate Farm, 157.5p Cornhills

British Blue x–£1197.15 Agars Hill

173.5p Agars Hill

Beef Shorthorn-£990.28 Blueburn

140.5p Blueburn

Shorthorn-£962.0 The Brigg

137.5p The Brigg

Whitebred Shorthorn-£859.46 New Kennels

134.5p New Kennels

Simmental x–£1304.65 Rare Dene, £1139.55 & £1011.05 Dunns Houses

160.5p Dunns Houses, 155.5p Rare Dene

Luing x-£1018.71 Blueburn

148.5p Blueburn

Galloway-£622.75 Batey Shield

117.5p Batey Shield

Hereford-£996.30 The Old Potato House

121.5p The Old Potato House

Hereford x-£865.95 Partridge Nest

126.5p East Highridge


Limousin-£1658.25 Chirdon

167.5p Chirdon

Charolais-£1443.25 The Raw

125.5p The Raw

Prime Sheep

Prime Hoggs

A mixed show of hoggs forward sold well although at slightly reduced rates in line with other centres.

Best sorts still good to sell to a top of £145 and 337.2ppk for Beltex crosses from Hallington Newhouses.

Texel crosses to £142 from Chesters and Suffolk crosses to £140 from Great Bavington.

Texel x –£142 & £140 Chesters, £137 Chesters & East House, £135.50 Chesters, £135 Blackburn & Chesters, £134 East House, £133 High Eshells, Bensons Fell & East Farm

302.4p Low Eshells, 295.5p East Newham, 294.6p Great Tosson, 291.1p East Newham, 284.8p East Farm, 282.6p & 281.8p Chesters

Suffolk x –£140 (x2) Great Bavington, £134 Sunniside & Baal Hill, £129 Great Bavington & Chesters, £128.50 Sunnisde, £127 High Alderheads

262.8p & 262.2p Sunniside, 259.5p Lunns House, 257.6p Middle Heads, 254.3p Great Bavington, 254.0p High Alderheads

Beltex x –£145 New Houses, £132 Rowley Link, £119 New Houses, £117.50 Rowley Link

337.2pNew Houses, 307.0p Rowley Link, 290.2p New Houses, 286.6p Rowley Link

Dutch Texel-£138, £136, £131 & £130 Willimoteswick

302.2p, 284.8p & 282.6p Willimoteswick

Charollais x –£126.50 & £124.50 Sunniside

281.8p & 276.7p Sunniside

Cheviot x-£129 Flotterton, £124 Riding Farm, £121.50 & £118.50 Flotterton

270.0p, 269.3p (x2) Flotterton

Mule –£121.50 & £120.50 Great Chesters, £118 Baal Hill, £116 Flotterton, £115 Coldwell

253.1p Great Chesters, 251.1p Baal Hill, 248.8p Great Tosson

Jacob-£119, £104 & £102 Low Barns

222.7p, 221.7p & 220.4p Low Barns

Blackface –£103.50 Stoop Rigg

235.2p Stoop Rigg