Hexham Primestock


Prime Cattle

A nice show of clean cattle this week which was mainly made up of heavy heifers.

Topping the sale with a well fleshed British Blue cross heifer was Mr W Robson, High West House, Tow Law that sold to 279.5ppk (£1867.06) to R Pearson Wholesale Butchers, Bradford.

Limousin Heifers –£1784.23, £1627.78, £1596.81 & £1536.15 Great Chesters

269.5p Great Chesters (x2) & Flotterton

British Blue Heifers-£1867.06 High West House

279.5p High West House

Charolais Heifers –£1704.50 & £1616.63 Great Chesters

249.5p Flotterton, 243.5p Great Chesters

Cast Cows & OTM

Fewer numbers forward met a very similar trade to the last week with the better cows still selling in excess of 200ppk.

None Farm Assured cows were easily cashed and one of these topped the sale with a Limousin cross from H & T V Walton, Settlingstones selling to 213.5ppk.

Top grossing cow came from Mr R Maughan, Greencarts with a Simmental cross realising £1680.63

Simmental –£1680.63 Greencarts, £1560.21 Dunns Houses

196.5p Dunns Houses, 185.5p Greencarts

Limousin –£1373.54 White House, £1291.68 Settlingstones, £1269.65 Thornton Tower

213.5p & 210.5p Settlingstones

Angus –£1598.48 & £1485.68 Humbleheugh

189.5p & 188.5p Humbleheugh

Angus x-£1162.17 Low Brooms Farm

183.5p Low Brooms Farm


Limousin Steer-£1222.94 Settlingstones

199.5p Settlingstones

Stock Bulls

Charolais Stock Bull from Mr C R Fawcett, Well House sold to 207.5ppk and grossed to £1989.93.


207.5p Well House Farm

Limousin-£1396.50 Greencarts

199.5p Greencarts

Prime Sheep

Prime Lambs

Hexham Mart sold 229 Prime Lambs to a reduced trade but only £4 less on the week.

Topping the sale was a tremendous Suffolk cross Lamb from Messrs R E Charlton, East Newham, selling to £173.

Suffolk’s also sold to £170 for a Lamb from Mr J T Lee & Son, Hackford which also topped the ppk at 354.2ppk.

Texel x –£150 Crowhall, £146 Hackford & Aydonshields, £145 Hackford, Crowhall & Nilston Rigg, £144 Nilston Rigg, £143 Rusheylaw

345.2p Crowhall, 329.3p Highwood Farm, 326.1p Crowhall, 325.0p Rusehylaw & Highwood Farm, 323.2p East House Farm

Suffolk x-£173 East Newham, £170 Hackford, £155 East Newham, £144 Hackford, £142 East House Farm, £141 Steel Hall

345.2p & 320.0p Hackord

Beltex x-£146 Crescent Farm

331.8p Crescent Farm

Hampshire-£123 Steel Hall

Prime Hoggs

Just a handful of Hoggs sold to a top of £152 for a pair from J D Straughan, Hill Head Farm,

Texel x –£152 & £148 (x2) Hill Head Farm

245.5p East Newham & Hill Head Farm, 244.2p Hill Head Farm

Suffolk x –£139 (x2) Hill Head Farm

Shropshire-£150 Hill Head Farm

240.4p Hill Head Farm

Mule-£121 West End Farm

Swaledale-£113 & £112 West End Farm

Cast Ewes and Rams

Ewes sold to a top of £138 from Mrs J Deary, Burnhope Flatts Farm

Kerry Hill-£138 Burnhope Flatts Farm

Cheviot x –£130 Burnhope Flatts Farm