Hexham Primestock


Prime Cattle

Prime Cattles lightly sharper on the week with Limousin cross heifers from Messrs Graham & Son, Miller Hill selling to 278.5ppk.

Top grossing beast came from Mr R M Johnston, High Fotherley with a heavy Angus cross heifer selling to £1665.54.

Limousin Heifers –£1629.23 Miller Hill

278.5p Miller Hill

Charolais Heifers –£1596.38 & £1571.85 Flotterton

249.5p (x2) Flotterton

British Blue Heifers-£1385.65 Miller Hill

267.5p Miller Hill

Angus Heifers –£1665.54 High Fotherley

245.5p High Fotherley

Ayshire Heifers-£819.77 Marley Cote Walls

171.5p Marley Cote Walls

Cast Cows & OTM

A fantastic entry of 77 cows this week with met a tremendous trade, dearer on the week. New purchasers to Hexham ensured a flying trade for those better continental types.

Pure Limousin cows from Messrs J Lee & Son, Morley Hill sold to 248.5ppk. British Blue cross cows from the same home realised 237.5ppk.

The man, the myth, the legend, John Moralee, Hard Riding sold the highest grossing cow, with an 8-year-old British Blue cross cow selling to £1978.20.

Well fleshed Angus cows from Messrs J E Batey & Son, North Acomb cashed at £1740.84.

Hill bred cows were on an absolute flyer today with Galloway cows from Mr J Ions & Son, High Thorneyburn selling to 205.5ppk.

With increasing fire power around Hexham Cast Cow ring more entries are needed to fulfil demand.

Why settle for less anywhere else?

For enquiries please call Drew on 07854 361967.

British Blue –£1978.20 Hard Riding, £1766.70 & £1698.70 Morley Hill, £1668.75 Grange House, £1644.75 Barker House, £1608.86 Tedcastle

237.5p Morley Hill, 235.5p Hard Riding, 226.5p Morley Hill, 207.5p Barker House

Limousin –£1865.84 & £1861.27 Morley Hill, £1695.38 Rusheylaw, £1670.13 Springwell Cottage, £1634.38 Burnbank

248.5p & 229.5p Morley Hill, 226.5p Kellah Farm, 223.5p Stone Stile, 218.5p Settlingstones, 215.5p Springwell Cottage, 205.5p Rusheylaw & Linshiels

Charolais-£1870.50, £1771.41, £1692.60 & £1660.02 Loadman

217.5p, 205.5p & 201.5p Loadman

Angus –£1740.84 & £1606.45 North Acomb

210.5p North Acomb

Angus x-£1680.87 Low Horton, £1511.25 Settlingstones, £1457.11 Flotterton, £1421.63 Lynnshield

212.5p Lynnshield, 189.5p Low Horton, 188.5p (x2) Flotterton

Blonde x-£1332.45 Houselope Grange

211.5p Houselope Grange

Galloway-£1428.23 High Thorneyburn

205.5p High Thorneyburn

Hereford-£916.64 North Churchlands

168.5p North Churchlands

Hereford x-£1242.50 New Rift

177.5p New Rift

Luing-£1393.47 Low Chesterhope

175.5p Low Chesterhope

Simmental x-£1284.81 Morley Hill

189.5p Morley Hill

Highland-£754.81 High Thorneyburn

143.5p High Thorneyburn

Stock Bulls

Stock Bulls sold to a high of 169.5ppk for a Limousin from Mr B A Swallow, Dukesfield Hall.

Limousin-£1710.26 Dukesfield Hall

169.5p Dukesfield Hall

Prime Sheep

Prime Hoggs

A small entry of Hoggs including 60 from Messrs Heatherington, Old Hall that topped at £155 and 291.7ppk for Texel crosses and averaged 264.8ppk.

Texel x –£155, £154, £150, £149 (x2), £18.50, £148, £147 (x2) & £145 Old Hall

291.7p, 288.2p (x2), 281.1p, 277.8p, 272.8p & 270.9p Old Hall

Suffolk x –£145 Old Hall

254.9p Old Hall

Charollais x –£147& £145 Old Hall

Beltex x –£138 Low West House

270.6p Low West House

Jacob-£110 Low Barns

152.8p Low Barns

Blackface –£120 Sewingshields

193.0p Sewingshields

Prime Lambs

A small show of Lambs sold to £155 & £154 for Texel crosses from Grange House Farm with 2 Beltex crosses from Crescent Farm making 392.1ppk.

Texel x-£155, £154 & £150 Grange House

369.1p & 357.1p Grange House

Beltex x-£149 Crescent Farm

392.1p Crescent Farm

Cast Ewes

More Ewes this week, topping at £160 from Low West House, Tow Law.

Texel x –£160 Low West House, £150, £144 & £140 (x2) Aydon North Farm

Cheviot x –£97 Blindburn

Mule –£120 Tarset Hall

Jacob-£105 Low Barns