Hexham Primestock


Prime Cattle

Slightly plainer show of clean Heifers resulting in trade being a touch easier.

Sale topped at 249.5ppk for a well finished Limousin cross heifer from Mr F T Walton, Flotterton selling to Thompson Wholesale Meat Ltd.

Highest grossing heifer came from Messrs W Patterson & Son, Halton Red House with a Limousin cross realising £1508.85

Limousin Heifers –£1508.85 Halton Red House, £1447.10, £1325.25 & £1215.28 Flotterton

249.5p Flotterton, 239.5p Halton Red House, 232.5p & 231.5p Flotterton

Charolais Heifers –£1445.85 & £1415.78 Flotterton

229.5p & 219.5p Flotterton

Cast Cows & OTM

A fantastic entry of cows this week with the largest number of cows forward at Hexham in recent memory.

Trade maintained last weeks rate, even with a large number of non-assured animals present. Overall, the eighty-three cast cows forward averaged a respectful 147ppk.

Highest grossing cows was an Angus cross cow from Mr S Anderson, Needless Hall Moor, Morpeth selling to £1490.63. Mr Anderson five Angus cross beasts went on to average £1402.73.

Topping the ppk was a Limousin cross cow from Messrs J T Nixon & Son, Stotsfold realising 205.5ppk.

Lean feeding cows still in high demand and regularly selling between 142-150ppk.

Hill cows sold to 136.5ppk for Luings from Lord Max Percy, Blueburn.

Today has shown we can handle large volumes of cast cattle on a Tuesday and are actively seeking numbers for next week.

Please call Drew on 07854 361967

Limousin –£1388.12 & £1360.10 Great Chesters, £1329.38 Round Meadows, £1307.07 Great Chesters, £1306.62 Stotsfold, £1300.00 High Alderheads Farm

205.5p Stotsfold, 193.5p & 187.5p Round Meadows, 178.5p Stotsfold, 167.5p & 163.5p (x2) Great Chesters, 162.5p High Alderheads

Charolais-£1125.66 Tenter House

161.5p Tenter House

Angus –£1292.60 High Barns

145.5p Lowfield Bungalow

Angus x-£1490.63 &£1469.62 Needless Hall, £1384.85 Flotterton, £1326.99 Needless Hall, £1261.77 Flotterton

187.5p & 186.5p Needless Hall, 163.5p, 159.5p & 153.5p (x2) Flotterton,

British Blue –£1199.25 Great Chesters, £1158.18 Aydonshields, £1100.65 Houselope Grange, £1049.93 Stotsfold  

162.5p Great Chesters, 145.5p Aydonshields, 143.5p Houselope Grange, 141.5p Stotsfold

Simmental –£990.50 Hackford

141.5p Hackford

Simmental x-£1088.10 Sherburn Tower

139.5p Sherburn Tower

Beef Shorthorn-£1034.63 Sherburn Tower

133.5p Sherburn Tower

Luing x-£967.88 & £918.65 Blueburn

136.5p & 133.5p Blueburn

Blue Grey-113.5p Ramshope

OTM Heifers

Angus x-£1422.00 & £1304.45 Needless Hall

218.5p, 197.5p Needless Hall

Whitebred Shorthorn-£967.26 Hotbank

171.5p Hotbank

Prime Sheep

Prime Hoggs

A slightly less but better show of hoggs forward sold well to average 253p with half of the entry being heavy sheep, (sale average £119.39 per head).

Top price £142 & £141 for Texel crosses from Sunniside & Bankfoot respectively.

East Newham sold Texel crosses to 304.9ppk.

Texel x –£142 Sunniside, £141 Bankfoot, £139.50 Butsfield Burn Farm, £138.50 Bankfoot, £138 Butsfield Burn Farm, £137 Butsfield Burn Farm & Riding Farm, £136 Butsfield Burn Farm, £135 Cawfields & Chesters, £134.50 High Eshells, Chesters & Old Town, £134 Woodcroft

304.9p & 283.8 East Newham, 282.6p Great Bavington, 279.1p Riding Farm, 273.9p & 273.8p Low Eshells, 272.6p High House, Bankfoot & New Dotland

Suffolk x –£138 Butsfield Burn Farm, £136 Butsfield Burn Farm & Old Town, £135 New Dotland, £133 Great Bavington, £132 Baal Hill, £130.50 (x2) Great Bavington, £129 New Dotland, £128.50 Great Bavington

263.8p Sunniside, 259.5p Longshaws, 254.6p Great Bavington, 252.2p Sunniside, 252.0p Great Bavington, 251.0p New Dotland, 250.0p Middle Heads

Beltex x –£125 & £122 Woodcroft

290.7p Woodcroft

Charollais x –£133, £132, £129, £125 & £124.50 Sunniside

268.8p, 264.9p, 262.2p, 260.8p & 260.4p Sunniside

Cheviot –£110 Bankfoot

261.9p Bankfoot

Mule –£125.50 Baal Hill

228.3p Cawfields, 228.2p Baal Hill

Cast Ewes and Rams

A small show of ewes sold at extreme rates averaging £142.29.

Texel x –£147 Old Town, £140 & £131 Armonside Farm

Texel Tup-£146 Closehead

Suffolk x –£149 Sherburn Tower