Hexham Primestock


Prime Cattle

Charolais Heifers –£1442.80, £1434.22 & £1418.63 Flotterton

243.5p & 242.5p (x2) Flotterton

Cast Cows & OTM

A large entry of cows this week with predominantly leaner sorts forward. Cows carrying flesh still easy to sell. Very lean sorts slightly harder to cash.

Highest grossing cows came from Mr M J Dixon, The Stobbs Rochester with Angus x cows selling to £1232.39.

Messrs W H Smith & Son, West Shield sold British Blue x cows to 187.5ppkg.

Vendors are urged to enter stock as early as possible to allow us to inform potential purchasers.

Limousin –£1080.30 & £939.12 Low Staples, £925.93 South Farm

138.5p & 136.5p Low Staples, 135.5p White House

Angus x-£1232.39 & £1214.01 The Stobbs, £1165.50 South Farm, £1146.08 The Stobbs

147.5p, 145.5p & 143.5p The Stobbs, 140.5p West Shields

British Blue-£1212.00 Morley Hill, £1065.00 West Shields

187.5p West Shields, 151.5p Morley Hill

British Blue x –£907.63 South Farm

132.5p South Farm

Charolais x-£1068.38 Hammershield

142.5p West Shields

Beef Shorthorn-£828.30 West Shields

125.5p West Shields

Simmental –£1030.86 High Fotherley

134.5p high Fotherley

Blonde x-£1062.55 South Farm

134.5p South Farm

Dexter x-£840.19 & £568.62 Plantation Avenue

149.5p & 123.5p Plantation Avenue

Holstein Fresian-£656.78 & £654.50 Cairnhead Farm

Holstein Fresian x-£559.65 Cairnhead Farm

Prime Sheep

Prime Lambs

A similar number of lambs forward this week but apart from a few lots the quality was hardly as good. With plenty weight about the average was 2p less but returned an overall £109.71 per head.

Messrs Reay, West Moorhouses sold an exceptional run of 71 to a top of 316.2p and averaged 266.5p.

Top price per head was £140 for a Charolais cross lamb from Old Town.

Texel x –£130 Watch Currock & Baal Hill, £126 Great Bavington, £125.50 Watch Currock, £125 Chesterwood, Blackburn, Tedcastle, Watch Currock & Linacres, £124.50 East Knitsley, £124 Ochrelands & Flotterton, £122 Harwood Shield, £121 Grange Farm, £120 Whitchesters (x2) & Town Farm, £119.50 South Farm & Old Town, £119 Town Farm, £118.50 Watch Currock & West Shields, £118 Harwood Shield, Corneyside, Baal Hill & Town Farm, £117.50 Aydonshields & Watch Currock (x5), £117 Watch Currock, Grange Farm & Linacres

272.5p & 270.2p West Moorhouse, 266.7p Corneyside, 258.3p Watch Currock, 257.9p Whitchester, 257.8p Watch Currock, 256.1p West Moorhouses, 255.4p Watch Currock (x2), 255.3p Whitchester, 254.4p Watch Currock, 253.7p East Newham, 253.3p Watch Currock, 252.4p Palm Strothers, 252.1p Watch Currock, 251.1p Whitchester, 250.0p Corneyside & Watcg Currock, 248.9p Linacres, Corneyside & East Uppertown (x2), 248.8p New House Farm, Palm Strothers & West Moorhouses, 247.9p Watch Currock & Warksfield Head

Suffolk-£130 Flotterton

Suffolk x – £134 Corneyside, £130 Great Bavington & Baal Hill, £124 Old Town, £121Cirneyside, £120 Flotterton, £119 Great Bavington, £118 Baal Hill, £115 Steel Hall

257.7p Corneyside, 243.2p Steel Hall, 238.0p Flotterton, 237.2p Whitchester, 232.7p Corneyside, 231.4p Baal Hill, 230.4p Flotterton, 230.2p & 230.0p Steel Hall

Beltex x –£120 Town Fram, £119 Linacres, £117.50, £117 West Moorhouses, £115 West Moorhouses, Whitchester & Glenhill Farm

316.2p West Moorhouses, 302.6p Whitchester, 285.0p West Moorhouses

Charollais x –£140 Old Town, £130 East Newham, £123.50 Whitchester

236.7p Blackburn, 232.6p Whitchester, 232.1p East Newham

Cheviot x-£115 Flotterton

244.7p Flotterton

Cheviot Mule-£118, £115.50 Flotterton, £112.50 Bingfield

235.7p Flotterton, 225.0p Bingfield, 222.6p Flotterton

Bleu de Maine-£119 & £108.50 Linacres

270.5p & 264.6p Linacres

Leicester-£124 Whitchester, £111 Hotbank

245.2p Flotterton, 240.9p Whitchester

Mule –£121 & £117.50 Capheaton Hill Head, £115 Harwood Shield, £111.50 Warksfield Head, £110.50 Stoop Rigg, £109 Bulls Hill & Hotbank, £108 Capheaton Hill Head & Warksfield Head

230.4p Capheaton Hill Head, 229.8p Warksfield Head, 225.5p Harwood Shield, 225.0p Capheaton Hill Head, 224.4p Hotbank, 221.3p Glenhill Farm

Kerry Hill-£106.50 Tedcastle

226.6p Tedcastle

Blackface –£108 Hotbank, £105 Stoop Rigg, £100 Hotbank

228.3p Stoop Rigg, 222.2p Hotbank

Herdwick-£115 St Oswalds

226.8p St Oswalds

Cross-£105 Steel Hall

238.6p Steel Hall