Hexham Primestock


Prime Cattle

Charolais Heifers –£1584.45, £1558.93 & £1424.85 Barker House

251.5p, 245.5p & 241.5p Barker House

Cast Cows & OTM

More cows have come on the market nationwide this past week and the edge is just off the cows.

Messrs Braines Farmers, West Edmondsley sold young Angus cross cows 188.5 ppkg.

Messrs Ridley, Shitlington Hall sold well fleshed Limousin cross cows to £1229.67

Limousin –£1229.67, £1153.19 & £1104.81 Shitlington Hall, £1045.00 The Brigg

165.5p, 159.5p & 149.5p Shitlington Hall, 141.5p Low Houselop

Angus –£1244.10 West Edmondsley, £1160.12 Kirkley Hall

188.5p West Edmondsley, 149.5p Kirkley Hall

Angus x-£1182.50, £1155.82 & £1043.77 High Fotherley

137.5p High Fotherley, 135.5p Buteland & High Fotherley

Blonde x-£874.35 The Brigg

130.5p The Brigg

British Blue –£1201.09 & £1142.27 Buteland, £1057.88 Thornton Tower, £1023.52 Buteland

138.5p Buteland, 136.5p Heatheridge Farm & Thornton Tower, 135.5p & 134.5p Buteland  

Simmental –£963.84 Barracks Farm

136.5p High Fotherley

Dexter x-£367.50 & £338.58 Plantation Avenue

Highland Bull-£626.25 West Edmondsley

Prime Sheep

Prime Lambs

A similar number of lambs forward but a more mixed show including a large portion of heavy sheep returned an average 6p better on the week with all classes easily sold.

Messrs Browell, Quarry House sold Beltex crosses to £143 and 288.6p (36 averaging £121.85) whilst Messrs Hall, New Houses sold £141 and 246.4p which the pen of 36 averaged £125.5

Texel x –£143 Quarry House, £141 New Houses, £137.50 & £136.50 Harwood, £136 New Houses, £135 East Farm &Quarry House, £133.50 Baal Hill, £133 New Houses, £131 Old Town & £130, £129 Great Tosson, £126.50 & £125 Quarry House, £124.50 Harwood Shield, £124 Middle Heads, £123.50 New Houses & Quarry House, £123 East House & Hedley Park, £122 Blackburn, Lunns House & Glenhill, £121 East Farm & New Houses, £120.50 Quarry House, £120 Hedley Park & Lunns House

265.1p East House, 263.5p &262.0p Quarry House, 257.3p New Houses & Quarry House, 255.8p New Houses, 255.1p Quarry House, 253.5p & 253.3p Cheeseburn Estate, 251.2p East House, 250.0p Moss Barns & Quarry House, 248.8p & 248.7p Highford, 247.7p Woodcroft, East House & Palm Strothers, 247.4p, 247.3p & 246.9p New Houses

Suffolk x –£130 Baal Hill, £129 Old Town, £127.50 Middle Heads, £124 Black Hedley, £119 Sunniside, £115 Midgeholme Farm

240.7p Baal Hill, 238.1p North Cocklake, 233.3p & 233.0p Sunniside, 231.5p Fairley Farm, 230.6p Brokenheugh, 230.4p Old Town

Beltex x –£127 Quarry House, £126 New Houses, £119.50 Quarry House, £117 New Houses, £116 Great Tosson

288.6p Quarry House, 286.4p New Houses, 277.9p Quarry House, 266.7p Highford Farm

Dutch Texel-£123, £114, £112.50 & £110 Burntongues

278.1p, 275.0p 270.5p Burntongues

Charollais x –£120 Sunniside, £117 Fairley Farm, £115.50 Sunniside

245.7p, 244.4p, 241.5p, 240.0p Sunniside

Cheviot x-£108 Willimoteswick

234.8p Willimoteswick

Bleu de Maine-£118 New Houses

262.2p New Houses

Mule –£119.50 Harwood Shield, £112.50 Tenter House, £112 Harwood Shield, £110.50 Quarry House

230.2p Quarry House, 229.6p Tenter House, 225.0p Warksfield Head, 224.0p Redesmouth, 222.3p North Cocklake, 220.8p Harwood Shield

Herdwick-£106 St Oswalds

235.6p St Oswalds

Blackface –£110 Warksfield Head

215.7p Warksfield Head

Cast Ewes and Rams

Texel x –£119 & £104 Moss Barns

Suffolk Tup –£140, £139 & £120 Middle White Hill

Leicester Tup–£112 Middle White Hill

Leicester-£102 Blackburn

Mule –£90 & £83 Stobbilee