Hexham Store Cattle & Sheep

Store Cattle

Hexham & Northern Marts held their first sale of store cattle and suckled calves of 2022. A smaller entry of cattle forward due to the cold conditions making it hard for producers to present cattle.

Those that braved the icy conditions were treated to buoyant trade, with a large number of buyers present to ensure a fast and competitive trade throughout for all classes to leave a very healthy average right though of £1201.00

Topping todays sale was a fantastic Lim x steer from Messrs G Carins & Ptrs, Broomhall which sold to £1590.00 which headed into Yorkshire.

Quality heifers were few and far between but Limousin cross heifers from Messrs Herdman, Luns House sold to £1360.00. Not too far behind at £1300.00 was  RI & MR Ridley Ltd, Mickley Moor with another Limousin cross heifer this time out of the dairy mother.

Native bred cattle once again sold to a premium at Hexham with Angus cross steers selling to £1465.00 again from Broomhall.

A small entry of yearling cattle forward this week which were sought after with a tremendous Limousin cross steer from Messrs J Reed, The Knarr, Brampton selling to £1580.00.

We welcome entries for next week’s sale which includes the special New Year prize show. Entries taken by auctioneers over the weekend or by the main office on Monday morning by 10:30.

01434 605444

Leading prices;

Cattle 23 – 30 Months

Angus x steers-£1355 Stoop Rigg

Stabiliser x steers–£1470, £1440 & £1410 Duddo Hill

British Blue x heifers –£1270 Thornley Hall

Angus x heifers –£1170 & £1075 Stoop Rigg

Cattle 17 – 22 Months

Limousin x steers –£1590 Broomhall, £1580 The Knarr, £1540 Blackburn, £1485 Lunns House, £1460 Blackburn & Lunns House

Charolais x steers –£1325 Newlands Haugh

British Blue x steers –£1365 Newlands Haugh

Angus x steers –£1465 Broomhall, £1400 Newlands Haugh, £1365 New Houses, £1360 Newlands Haugh, £1355 Stoop Rigg, £1350 New Houses

Simmental x steers-£1455 & £1435 Newlands Haugh, £1390 & £1375 Satley

Hereford steers –£1290 (x2) Satley

Limousin x heifers –£1360 Lunns House, £1300 Mickley Moor, £1295 & £1280 Lunns House, £1240 (x2) Mickley Moor

Charolais x heifers –£1290, £1250 & £1205 White House

British Blue x heifers –£1315 & £1135 Camphill

Simmental x heifers –£1165 & £1140 Burn Hill

Beef Shorthorn heifers –£1030 Blueburn

Luing heifers –£1075 Blueburn

 Cattle 11 – 16 Months

Limousin x steers –£1570 Broomhall, £1345 The Knarr

Angus x steers –£1255 Partridge Nest

British Blue x steers-£1095 The Knarr

British Blue x heifers –£1015 Mickley Moor

Angus x heifers –£1150 Partridge Nest

Simmental x heifers-£1245 Burn Hill

Cast Ewes

Hexham and Northern Marts sold 1040 Cast Ewes & Rams to average £101.36 which included a large consignment of Hill breeds.

Topping the sale at £220 was a pair of Texels from K G & A Young, Harbottle Grange who also sold a pen of 4 for £201.

Messrs C Moralee & Son, Blackburn sold 6 Texel ewes at £200, who also sold Charollais ewes for £188.

Suffolk x ewes topped at £162 from Mr M G Stephenson, Rowley Link.

Mule ewes topped at £130 from Messrs Hall Bros, Barracks Farm.

More wanted to meet the demand.

Contact Jack 07739 440457

Overnight larage is available.

Texel-£220 & £201 Harbottle Grange, £200 (x2) Blackburn

Texel x-£175 Quarry House, £172 Rusheylaw, £164 Drapestown, £162 Quarry House, £160 Whittingham Grange & High Eshells, £158 Rowley Link, £156 Woodland House Farm, £152 Codlaw Hill & West Warmley, £150 High Eshells & Matfen Home Farms, £149 Rusheylaw, £148 Dovecote & Errington Red House

Beltex x –£148 Rowley Link

Suffolk x-£162 Rowley Link, £160 Dovecote & Drapestown, £158 Drapestown, £149 Drapestown & Whittingham Grange, £148 Rowley Link, £140 Dovecote & Merryshields, £138 White House Farm, £136 Merryshields

Charollais x –£188 Blackburn

Bleu de Maine-£114 Sillywrea

Leicester-£139 Quarry House, £123 Drapestown

Cheviot –£113 Sillywrea

North Country Cheviot-£130 Flotterton

Cheviot Mule –£140 Cornhills, £129 Codlaw Hill  

Mule –£130 Barracks Farm, £129 Dovecote, £128 Drapestown, £123 Holling Hill & Whittingham Grange, £120 Houselop Grange, £119 Normans Riding

Zwartbles-£123 Drapestown

Abberfield-£129 Whitchester

Blackface –£94 Great Chesters, £93 Broomhall

Swaledale –£83 East Greenridge

Cast Tup

Cast Tups sold to a tremendous trade topping at £200 for a pair of Texels from Messrs J T Nixton & Son, Stotsfold.

Not far behind were a pen of 4 at £198 again Texels, this time from Messrs M W Walton & Son, Rawfoot.

Texel Tup-£200 Stotsfold, £198 Rawfoot, £192 China Hall, £182 Errington Red House, £168 Cornhills, £162 Stotsfold, £160 Rusheylaw, £158 China Hall, £150 Whitton

Beltex Tup-£122 Highwood Farm

Suffolk Tup-£170 Drapestown, £150 Merryshields

Leicester Tup-£162 Stotsfold, £160 Ouston

Romney Tup-£162 Drapestown

Aberfield Tup-£136 Whitchester

South Country Cheviot Tup-£104 Flotterton

Whiteface Dartmoor Tup-£70 Stone Hall

Blackface Tup-£92 Flotterton

Swaledale Tup-£98 East Greenridge

Store Hoggs

Hexham and Northern Marts sold a catalogued entry of 2631 Store Hoggs to a strong trade averaging £98.09.

Topping the sale at £151 was a pair of Beltex x Hoggs from D J & W Sedgewick, Errington Red House and also sold another for £150.

Strong commercial lambs sold to £141 for a trio from Miss S Glendinning, Lamburnum Cottage.

Suffolk x Hoggs sold to £135 from Messrs W Patterson & Son, Halton Red House.

Blackface Hoggs sold to £100 for a pen of 6 lambs from Lord Max Percy, Blueburn.

More wanted to meet the strong demand.

Contact Jack on07739 440457

Texel x-£141 Laburnum, £138 Errington Red House & Whitton, £135 Butterknowes, £131 Catreen, £130 Whitton, £122 Halton Red House, £121 Nunwick & Broomhall, £120 Whitchester & Butterknowes, £119 Halton Red House (x2), West Bolton, Nunwick, Butterknowes & Riding Farm

Suffolk x –£135 Halton Red House, £129 Laburnum, £124 & £119 Black Hedley, £116 East White Hill, £115 Whitchester & Riding Farm, £114 Halton Red House & Riding Farm, £113 Rugley Walls & Hill House Farm

Beltex x –£151, £150, £130 Errington Red House, £120 Errington Red House & Great Tosson

Dutch Texel-£109 Agars Hill, £108 Westlands

Bleu de Maine-£111 Sillywrea

Charollais-£96 Oaklea & Hall Hill Farm

Leicester-£116 East Wharmley, £115 Whitton

Mule –£125 Westlands, £115 B £112 & £109 Farneyshield, £105 East Wharmley & Rugley Walls, £104 Riding Farm

Cheviot-£88 Flotterton

Easycare-£94 Pilmuir

Blackface-£100 Blueburn, £99 Townfoot, £95 Whitton, £94 & £93 Blueburn

Swaledale-£97 Ouston