Farming Rules for Water update: What you need to know about RPS 252.

The Environment Agency has released Regulatory Position Statement 252 (RPS 252) for the Farming Rules for Water (FRfW) which is currently in effect until 01 March 2022. This affects how you’re able to spread organic manure based
on soil/crop need, if you’re not able to follow Rule 1 of the FRfW.  

RPS 252 allows the spreading of organic manures on land where it exceeds crop/soil need in exceptional 
circumstances, when you can show that no other options for storing or disposing of the manure are available to you.   If you find yourself in this situation, 

it’s important that you use RPS 252 correctly so you can ensure you don’t cause pollution and you’re compliant with the Farming Rules for Water.  For the Farming rules for water click here