Deadweight and Direct Primestock

We procure Primestock for abattoirs both on a deadweight and liveweight basis throughout the year with seasonal live ’weigh and pay’ collections for lightweight hill lambs.

For up to date prices or to discuss your marketing options contact Drew Patrick or Jack Walton.

I will then try to get a photo on Friday of our auctioneers sorting some lambs to go on this page.



Low deductions, and payment in approximately four working days


Deadweight stock is priced on grade, and weight, with different grids available at different abattoirs


Liveweight collections are processed at both our Hexham and Scots Gap Marts

Hexham Marteye Auctions

To see all of our online furniture and antique auctions, visit our Marteye page where you can view and bid on items as they are auctioned via a stream


Contact Details

To enter stock, for advice on marketing or to get assistance on drawing stock for slaughter contact:

Drew Patrick 07854 361967
Jack Walton 07739 440457
Chris Armstrong 07808 721957