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Incalf Heifers
4 Lim x & BrB x incalf heifers.
Due 1st April onwards to angus sire. BVD, Lepto, Johnes & IBR tested. All from one farm, and off a TB4. Nice quiet hfrs all bred out of the Friesian cow. Sensibly priced.
Contact John Walton on 07738406297

Limousin Bulls
9 tremendously quiet Limousin bulls for sale. Naturally done. Well fleshed with great length about them. By a Goldies Comet son. Sensibly priced.
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Contact Drew Patrick 07854 361967

Incalf Heifers

60 Limousin x & British Blue x Heifers incalf to Limousin Bull due end of February. Scanned Incalf.
BVD Vaccinated & will be tested fro BVD. TB4 off 1 Farm
Contact Trevor Simpson 07721828581

Leicester Rams
14 Bluefaced Leicester crossing type Rams
8 Shearlings, 5 2Shear, 1 3Shear
all by Highberries sire out of Shaft Hill Ewes.
Contact Trevor Simpson 07721828581

Ewe Lambs
300 ¾ texel, Suffolk cross & Texel cross ewe lambs.
Injected twice with ovivac P and can be dectomaxed if required.
All well grown lambs born 1st march onwards.
Both tupping and running lambs are available.
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Please contact John Walton 07738406297

Mule Ewe Lambs
80 Tupping Mule Ewe Lambs,  Ex Hexham Blackie. Heptavac P system. Scratched for orf. Good Ewe makers.
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Contact Drew 07854361967

Blackface Ewes
200 Hexham Type Blackface Ewes in Regular Ages. Good straight commercial ewes. In Heptovac P system.
Contact John Walton 07738 406297

Angus Bull
Pedigree Angus Bull 6 years old. Quiet and Correct.
Contact Trevor Simpson 07721 828581

Limousin Cows with Calves
Contact Robert Addison 07702 737560

Angus Heifers with Calves
40 Angus Heifers with Angus Calves at Foot
Scotland Area
Contact Robert Addison on 07702 737560

Bulling Heifers
6 Simmental x Fries Bulling Heifers
16 months old
Contact Robert Addison 07702 737560

Galloway Heifers
8 Galloway Heifers 24-30 months. Ran with White Shorthorn Bull since 25th November 2016
Contact Robert Addison 07702 737560

Pedigree Bulls
All major continental and native bred pedigree and registered bulls available from noted top breeders with types available to suit all budgets
Contact any of our Auctioneers

Replacement Calves
Contact Robert Addison 07702 737560

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