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Blackface Ewes
200 Hexham Type Blackface Ewes in Regular Ages. Good straight commercial ewes. In Heptovac P system.
Contact John Walton 07738 406297

Angus Bull
Pedigree Angus Bull 6 years old. Quiet and Correct.
Contact Trevor Simpson 07721 828581

Scotch Bred Mule Gimmers
150 Scotch Bred Mule Gimmers, very well bred sheep, ready to move.
Please contact John Walton 07738406297 or 01434605444

Suffolk Shearling Ewes
8 Pure Suffolk Shearling Ewes – Not Registered
Contact Trevor Simpson 07721 828581

Incalf Cows
10 Lim and Angus hfrs ex Friesian cows, incalf, due September.
PD incalf, TB4 BVD & Lepto vaccinated.
Contact Trevor Simpson 07721 282581

Limousin Bull
Limousin Bull 8 years old
Contact Trevor Simpson 07721 828581

For Sale Privately
Due to a change of Farming Policy
On Behalf of
E Taylor & Son, Wallish Walls, Co Durham
An opportunity to purchase an established Flock of 1100 Ewes in ages comprising
North of England Mule Ewes (Ex Swaledale Ewe) 400 1crop, 450 2-4crop
100 Texel x Mule Gimmers ( Not Reared Lambs) & 150 Texel x Mule Ewes in Regular Ages
The Flock is Farm Assured, in the Heptavac System, Vaccinated for abortion and all in a high health program
Replacements have all been purchased locally over the past years.
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Please contact Trevor Simpson 07721 828 581

Bulling Heifers
4 AA x bulling hfrs, good square cow makers. TB4. BVD tested clear, and sensibly priced.
Contact John Walton  07738406297.

Ewe Lambs & Gimmers
200 Suff x Ewe Lambs, 100 Suff x Gimmers
25 Tex x Gimmers
All in the heptovac P system, very well bred sheep and have the quality to prosper anywhere. For further enquiries please contact Contact John Walton 07738406297

150 Suff x Gimmers ,50 Tex x Gimmers
200 Mule Gimmers (ex swaledale ewe)
Not reared lambs, Very strong gimmers with the potential to become fantastic breeding ewes. In the heptovac P system and in the footvax system.
Contact John Walton 07738406397

Mule Gimmers
170 mule gimmers ex blackface ewe.
In heptovac system, cydectin injected.
Contact John Walton 07738406297

Limousin Cows with Calves
Contact Robert Addison 07702 737560

Angus Heifers with Calves
40 Angus Heifers with Angus Calves at Foot
Scotland Area
Contact Robert Addison on 07702 737560

Bulling Heifers
6 Simmental x Fries Bulling Heifers
16 months old
Contact Robert Addison 07702 737560

Suff x Shearlings
Suff x Shearling ex Mule Ewe in the Heptovac P System
Contact John Walton 07738 406297

Mule 1 Crop Ewes
200 Mule 1 crop Ewes. Heptovac P system ready early August.
Contact John Walton 07738 406297

50 Suff x Cheviot Hoggs / Shearlings required for private customer Contact John Walton 07738 406297

Mule, Texel & Suffolk geld hoggs required. All Quantities considered. Ewes and lambs of all breeds and qualities are sought after, again all sized lots are considered. All wanted by private purchasers.
Contact John Walton 07738 406297

Galloway Heifers
8 Galloway Heifers 24-30 months. Ran with White Shorthorn Bull since 25th November 2016
Contact Robert Addison 07702 737560

Pedigree Bulls
All major continental and native bred pedigree and registered bulls available from noted top breeders with types available to suit all budgets
Contact any of our Auctioneers

Replacement Calves
Contact Robert Addison 07702 737560

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