Blackface Tup Show & Sale

Overall Champion – Wanwood Hill (Shearling)
Reserve Champion – Sewingshields (Lamb)

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Prize winners as follows
Shearling                                             Group of Three
st - Wanwood Hill                             1st – Allensgreen
2nd – Hotbank                                    2nd – Nilston Rigg
3rd – Sewingshields                            3rd – Bilsmoor Park

Lambs                                                 Group of Three
1st – Sewingshields                             1st - Penpeugh
2nd – Penpeugh
3rd – Penpeugh

Best Scotch Type
1st – Hareshaw
2nd – Stell Green
3rd – Monkridge Hill




Allenshields Herd Dispersal

Wednesday 22nd October at 11am at Hexham Auction Mart

On behalf of ES & JM Graham, Allenshields
Dispersal sale of Allenshields suckler herd comprising of

19 Pure Limousin Cows with Limousin April/May born Calves and PD Incalf

26 Limousin, Limousin x Britsh Blue Cows in ages with Limousin April/May born Calves at Foot and PD Incalf

18 Limousin, Limousin x Britsh Blue Cows in ages with Limousin August/September born Calves and Clear of Bull

15 Limousin, Limousin x Britsh Blue Cows in ages PD Incalf due November to Limousin Bull

8  Limousin, Limousin x Britsh Blue Incalf Heifers PD Incalf Spring Calvers.

17 Limousin, Limousin x Britsh Blue Bulling Heifers

4 Limousin Stock Bulls in ages

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YFC Competition

YFC Calf Wintering Competition starts again with the first sale to buy them this Friday 3rd October

Other dates available for competitors to purchase their calves are;

Friday 10th October
Friday 17th October
Thursday 23nd October
Friday 24th October
Thursday 30th October

Please contact the office if you require further information

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