Summer Prime Stock Shows

Tuesday 2nd August
Hexham – Annual Summer Prize Show & Sale of Prime Sheep & Cattle Classes for Children & YFC Members
Entries to be advised to the office by 4pm Monday 1st August
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Wednesday 3rd August
Scots Gap – Annual Summer Prize Show & Sale of Prime Sheep Classes for YFC Members
Entries to be advised to the office by 4pm Tuesday 2nd August

Hexham Primestock Sale

Please note that as from Tuesday 5th July the Prime Sheep  will now commence at 9.30am.

The Ballot arrangements from the 19th July are;

Pens 21-40 balloted sold first
Followed by Pens 1-20 then Pens  41 to the finish.

Breeding Cattle Dispersals

Friday 19th August 2016

Hexham & Northern Marts have been favoured with instructions to disperse three well-known commercial suckler beef herds from well-respected and longstanding customers of the company from across the county of Northumberland.  This special sale offers potential purchasers the opportunity to buy sound commercial cattle, both spring and autumn calving with calves at foot and run with the same stock bulls again.  Outfits from all three of these regular consignors to the Hexham store ring will shift from the holdings of origin to a variety of parishes with ease and fully utilise the remainder of the summer at grass. Further details of all three herds is available from the auctioneers on 01434 605444 and catalogues will be available on the morning of the sale. 

On behalf of Messrs B I & R L Jobling, Mount Huly, Kirkheaton, Newcastle upon Tyne.

The company has been favoured with instructions to disperse the commercial herd of forty head of Angus cross and Hereford cross spring and autumn calving suckler cows in regular ages, the majority of which are home bred with Angus and Hereford calves at foot.  In addition a number of home bred bulling heifers will be offered for sale along with two stock bulls; an easy calving, three year old ‘Tree Bridge’ pedigree Angus and an eight year old ‘Auchvale’ pedigree Hereford. Whilst the breeding policy at Mount Huly has involved the exclusive use of either the Angus or Hereford bulls the cows would easily adapt to a system that utilises a continental sire.  A quantity of steers and heifers will also be offered for sale through the store ring prior to the herd dispersal. 

The farm is within a four year TB testing parish, the herd is both BVD vaccinated and screened for Johnes disease and is worthy of inspection.      

On behalf of Messrs W Robson & Co, Chesterhope, West Woodburn, Hexham.

The company has been favoured with instructions to disperse the fifty strong herd of predominantly Limousin cross bred suckler cows with three-quarter bred Limousin calves at foot.  The herd is split equally between spring and autumn calving and the majority of the cows are first cross from the dairy herd having been sourced from Messrs Foley Bros, Capheaton. Also for sale will be the pedigree Limousin stock bull ‘Widdrington Alec’ by Romeo with which all cows have been running since calving.  The farm is situated in the upland area near West Woodburn, the herd running out to 1000ft above sea level and as such will easily make a productive transition to new holdings.   

Chesterhope is within a four year TB testing parish and was tested clear on the 17th March this year. Blood tested at the point of purchase the herd has no recorded instance of BVD or Johnes disease.  

On behalf of R W Keenleyside Esq, Struthers Farm, Catton, Hexham.

The company has been favoured with instructions to disperse the herd of spring calving continental cross bred suckler cows with Simmental cross calves at foot belonging to this well-known Allendale based farming business. The herd consists largely of 20 homebred Simmental and Limousin cross bred cows including a number also bred by Angus and Hereford sires.  In addition five homebred first calved heifers will also be offered for sale and all females have calved to and run with a proven 6 year old Simmental stock bull which will also be included in the sale.  The entire entry will be pregnancy diagnosed prior to the sale date. 

The farm lies within a four year TB testing parish and with the majority of outfits being homebred potential purchasers from both sides of the border will be able to bid with confidence.

PLEASE NOTE – These dispersals will follow the weekly sale of store cattle which will incorporate the monthly special sale of native breed store cattle and will not commence before 1pm.  


Kelso 2016

We are now taking entries for the Closamectin Kelso Ram Sale

Sale Friday 9th September 2016

Entries to be with the office by Friday 22nd July.

Please contact our Auctioneers for further information.

Click Here for Entry Form

Scots Gap Mart

Scots Gap Mart will re-open on Wednesday 22nd June at 9.30am
Prime Lambs at Ewes
Please contact Chris Armstrong with entries or further enquires

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